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Sarvo Alpine

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Thread: The basics..am I missing something?

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    Apr 2014

    The basics..am I missing something?

    Hi there, dont want to sound like a sook, but I'm having trouble getting to grips with bush stalking. I've asked a heap of questions in the past, bought books on deer hunting, studied the net, asked old timers etc. It all seems good. I've got the locations sorted, I'm fit, I have the gears, and I thought I had my stalking technique sorted. I have taken on board all the tips and hints you guys and others have given me.
    So, been in the bush about 6 times so far (southern ruahines) and not once have I even seen a deer. And I cant see that I ever will. I was told to go off the tracks for one. So I end up crawling through the thick, thick bush. The furtherest I can see is about 15m around me. Im climbing and crawling through vines and up steep faces. I'm taking about 1/2 hour to move 100m or so. Let alone trying to be quiet while doing it. I cant even see out of the bush...too thick. On the odd occasions that I can see through the canopy, all I can see is more thick bush, If there was deer in "that" bush, I wouldn't see it anyway!
    In all the online videos, tv programmes, and pics in the mags and books, 99% of the scenes are open tussock, wide river flats, flat open ground, green hill sides. If they are in the bush, most of the time they seem to be able to move quite easy and the bush is much less dense than the stuff Im trying to stalk through.
    Am I missing something? I would hate to have to go rabbit shooting with my 308 to let my frustrations out.
    Any "more" advice would be a great help.
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    Dec 2011
    That's a tough one to answer sitting in the comforts of home. Really need to be their to talk about sign etc. Fortunately I have just got home after working up a sweat and sinking a a few Woodys
    Hunting areas like the Ureweras where there are really nice beech forests and off the beaten track. The deer will be where they are because that is where they want to be. If it is cold then like you and me they will be somewhere warm. If it is windy they will be on the other side of the hill. Unlike you and me, they don't carry food with them. Don't hunt dead areas where there is no broadleaf trees however be prepared for the unexpected.
    I spent a few years hunting and not knowing what to look for. Gave it up for a while then back into it. It was not until I had someone experienced to show me what to look for that it all fell into place. That is why it is hard to explain from here.
    Join a Deerstalkers or find someone to go out with you. It will save years of frustration and you will begin to enjoy the trips out
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    Dec 2012
    I cant offer much help with finding the spots as Im unfamiliar with the ruahines but as for being quiet, I used to only go out in the rain as the ground/leaves were nice and soft and what noise you did make was masked by the drops in the canopy. I also have a clip on my pack and when Im getting to noisey I take my boots of and clip them on the back and tape my socks up like roman sandals, this makes a massive difference.

    Theres a real art to bush stalking and you really have to be in the mind set of just loving being out in the bush rather being out there to shoot deer. It took me way more than 6 trips to get my first deer and even more to get my second but I kept getting out there most weekends, even 5 years on from starting deer stalking I still learn new shit each time I go out.
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    Dec 2011
    Firstly are you seeing any sign?
    Are you looking for sign?
    if your looking for and not seeing sign your in the wrong place.
    If you are seeing sign and some fresh sign it should only be a matter of time before you see one.

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    Sep 2012
    You're probably not doing anything wrong you just need to find yourself a spot with some better bush (and that has reasonable numbers). I don't know the ruahines so I can't really help sorry, but someone else on here might. Keep at it man, it's hard to begin with but it gets better!
    Yeah nah bro

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    Feb 2012
    Westland NZ
    Do not get so hung up on being quiet. Walk through the bush a few times at a decent pace. You will start bumping into deer. Note the areas and vegitation where you do bump into them and keep it in the software.
    Warmth, water and food.
    Couldn't tell you how many deer have hung around long enough for a shot while just moving at a normal pace (dictated by the ground)
    I have run into over the years.

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    Dec 2012
    You can stomp about and keep to the easy tracks until you see sign and save your ninja stuff til then
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    Jan 2013
    Meh. I'm in Palmy, so local experience.
    Firstly, join NZDA. Always guys keen for a hunt.
    Secondly, my trick is to drop into the next catchment north-east of Coppermine creek, and depending on the time of day, watch clearings and slips from the other side of the valley.
    So, for morning, I'm watching south or southwest clearings - and in the afternoons, I swap around. Whatever has the morning and evening sun.
    Then I read a book And watch.
    I don't always hunt with a rifle tho - sometimes I just take the camera.
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    Member Scouser's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Just my 2c as im a newbie.......its really fukin hard when you start off, so go easy on yourself and DONT GIVE UP, even though you feel like it....

    as most have already said, there must be sign about or theres no deer about, there not the SAS and carry there shite around with them.....

    wind in your face if at all possible....go slow, then slower still.......just ran out of money.....
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    While I might not be as good as I once was, Im as good once as I ever was!

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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by bbbrad View Post
    ? I would hate to have to go rabbit shooting with my 308 to let my frustrations out.

    Funny I've never minded shooting rabbits with my .308 or my 300 Win Mag either... Its all gun time keep it safe and
    go for it... PS : Not if you intend to eat them though eh ! Tends to jumble them up a little ..

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    As to the bush hunting + 1 to all the tips above.. Time of the day can be important as well. Keep at it you ll win for sure !!
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    Jul 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Happy View Post
    Funny I've never minded shooting rabbits with my .308 or my 300 Win Mag either... Its all gun time keep it safe and
    go for it... PS : Not if you intend to eat them though eh ! Tends to jumble them up a little ..

    Attachment 29676

    As to the bush hunting + 1 to all the tips above.. Time of the day can be important as well. Keep at it you ll win for sure !!
    Used too use my 6.5 on bunnys and magpies all the time. A wise man once said " beware the man with only one gun "
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    May 2012
    Oxford, Canterbury
    The big one is to make sure you are hunting somewhere there are deer. I was a bit the same with flyfishing. I never really caught much and didin't know if I was doing it right. After a few trips with an experienced friend I realised my technique was ok, but I wasn't really fishing in areas with many trout. I now expect to catch fish rather than hope to catch fish.
    Are you seeing tracks, droppings where you are hunting? This time of year is a good time to be out, soon the deer will be popping out on slips, river flats etc.
    If you can get some bino's and do lots of sitting and looking and find out where deer are coming out and when. Then try and put yourself close at the right time.
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    Oct 2012
    Like the others have said. You've just gotta do the time. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not. There'll be times when you seem to see animals almost every trip, and like me at the moment, you will go through times of wonderering where the beasties are. Just hang on in there. Enjoy the experience, the bush and the way it clears your head. The feed of venison or pork with friends and family, the photos on the wall, or a few quiets with your mates after, the hunt makes them all special
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    Jun 2012
    Hawkes Bay
    Morel of the story here, Southern Ruahines suck go to a different spot bro, try somewhere with nicer bush to go through. Deer are like us, they like nice places. Not tangled up shitfest of horrible scrappy vines.

    If you're uber tall, go down on a knee to look for game trails. Luckily I am the right height for deer stuff. But if even on your knees it doesn't look like an animal would go through there, then they probably aren't!

    Good luck.
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    Feb 2012
    Bit early on to be giving yourself a hard time.

    Took me a fair few trips into the Blue Mountains chasing fallow before i seen 1.

    fair few trips after that before I managed to shoot one, like R93 said put it all in the computer and learn from every trip out.

    the good thing is doing it hard at the start will make your first deer a cracker!!!

    It does get easier, not many trips I do now without seeing a deer and get way more chances now to put some lead(copper) their way.

    If hunting was easy every bastard would be doing it, just get out there and keep at it


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