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Thread: Andrew Mackenzie/Macks Ordanance/Outdoor Outfitters/ All round Bullshitter!

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    Dec 2011

    Andrew Mackenzie/Macks Ordanance/Outdoor Outfitters/ All round Bullshitter!

    Righto guys and girls, bear with me on this. It may be long, it may be winded but at least its all out there. I better tag who this is about too so he knows. @Macks guns

    Well it all started in a galaxy far far away.................No it didn't...... how it started was after my last "incidence" with my last rifle purchase it was time to
    find a replacement. I was specifically after a Mauser of some sorts as I have a soft spot for them and I do feel they are bloody great actions. I saw one that my eye
    and heart took a shining too a while back on here and was hoping it was still available so I PM the guy and he asked to call him, so I did. Here it is here:

    So Andrew and I spoke a couple of times over the phone and a deal was cut. After that a few menial emails and txts were followed up and I got the paperwork all sorted. I will mention here that one of the txts was pretty specific - I asked if he could borescope the throat area (he had already said the bore was in great condition) and also if there any other bad bits in the barrel. His reply was:

    "Can't see any throat erosion although I don't have a bore scope so just using a torch. Rifling is deep and sharp. Probably been rebarreled at some stage, or kept in military storage."

    Good enough for me. Its not a LR rig or anything, just a classic action to bring out every now and again for some action. I transferred the funds a week later, txt
    Andrew to let him know I had done so, and being with the same bank that it would be instant. He txt back to say he'll let me know when the funds had cleared. 2 days rolled by so I txt "Hey Andrew, did the money go through alright?"

    "Yes thanks mate, sorry been down sout (sic) on sales trip"

    "all good" I reply. 4 and a half days go by and I txt him "Hey mate, did you get a chance to get the rifle away?"

    "No sorry I didn't, I will get it on fastways for you in the morning first thing"

    "Cheers Andrew" ................3 days go by and I txt again : "Hey Andrew, did you have time to get the old girl away?"

    "Yes! Sorry for delay, got her on courier today. Will find the tracking number shortly for you."

    "cheers dude". Now hopefully you'll see I'm pretty relaxed about things - that's just my nature, but I do get a bit gruff if I think someones taking the piss. Whats
    the old saying - "Don't mistake kindness with weakness?" Anyhow, 3 and a half days go by so I txt "Hey Andrew, how'd you get on with the tracking number?" I hadn't heard back the following morning so I txt "Hey Andrew, if you haven't sent the rifle or are in the process , then please don't. Seems to be more of a hassel than anything. I'll txt and email my account details for a refund. Cheers" 20 mins later he replys

    "Hi, sorry for not getting back with tracking info. Was training yesterday. I'm a little worried that it hasn't turned up. 1a0009101829" " I will ring courier now t9
    (sic) track and trace."

    I went online instantly to T & T myself. It came back as it hasn't been scanned in or invalid. I gave him an hour before txting "How'd you get on? are you sure the track n trace is right?" And at this stage I was wondering why the fuck i'm txting, so I called him. We had a polite conversation - I told him I was annoyed over the whole process and that I believed the rifle was still sitting at his workplace. I wanted a refund etc. The first thing couriers do when they pick up a package or if you drop it off to them is to SCAN IT. They do it without failure. Yes packages get lost, but they are scanned in.

    He txt me later that afternoon @ 3:18pm to say:

    "Hi Grant, spoken with courier, he is going to get back to me. If I haven't heard from him by the end of the day I will call him again"

    I txt back to say "Thanks Andrew, If it's still up in Taupo - not to be a drama queen, but let's just cancel the sale" His reply:

    "No Problem"

    Now I'll insert this bit here as it is important. You'll notice I entered a time stamp just above. Well that same courier track n trace number was scanned in at
    2:07pm....................................We had more txts that afternoon/evening but they're sort of irrelevant or not but I've left them out as it's
    just......irrelevant at this stage. Anyhow, he txt me the following morning:

    "Morning, well good news. At least they have found it, apparently it is in Wellington. He tells me you will have it tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay Grant. AM"

    My reply - "Hey Andrew, Thanks for that, but I'll send it back to you at my cost. Somethings not right and I'm not overly happy with being bullshitted. Please refund the $ back to the account number given"

    "You will have it tomorrow. I only give refunds if the item is not as described"

    Rifle did turn up surprise surprise....Anyhow, I txt "Rifle has turned up. Pretty happy with it, the bore is pretty pitted though" This comment was made straight out of the packaging. I was on my way to work so never gave it a real going over - but as I said in my previous topic - the action is in good nick. I am happy with that. He didn't reply - no surprise, but after a better examination later that day I see that the barrel is pitted from the muzzle to as far down the tube as I can see. Fuck me, am I really going through this shit again? WTF is with people who feel the need to make a quick buck and bullshit people. Not cool!!!!!!!!!! So I txt instead of calling as I feel if it's going to small claims then paper work is handy.

    My txt "Hey Andrew, after further examination of the barrel - it's pretty terrible. The whole barrel is pitted. I'm not sure why you wouldn't mention this when I asked you about the condition of it? Therefore, I'm either after a refund as it's not what you described or a cash rebate of some sort. This whole experience has been disappointing from your business."

    He hasn't been forthcoming in responses. I had mentioned disputes with him to try and get some sort of action from him but he has been pretty non responsive - surprise surprise. I did get a txt yesterday saying:

    "Grant, send the rifle back. I will inspect what your talking about the (sic). At your freight cost"

    My response - "And then what Andrew? I'd rather a refund before sending it back. I can take photos of the muzzle end that clearly shows the pits in the barrel for you to inspect" He replys:

    "need to see it and assess it. Thanks" <------- What is he smoking? surely after I've asked him to check it out and he clearly states he has, he now wants another look? Fuck me.....most of you guys have seen the photos in my other post - how can you miss that on inspection!!!????

    So I say - "Haven't you already done that?"

    No reply so I send him an email of the barrel and txt him to say I've sent him an email. So today comes along and I tried calling him in the morning, no answer - hey everyone has a life an is busy, so I leave a message and say I'll touch base latter if doesn't call back. I'm over txing by this stage. So I call him after work, still no answer so I txt "There's no point ignoring me Andrew. I've been pretty patient and fair with you, some courtesy back would be great." he instantly txts back:

    "nothing to ignore, I need the rifle back".

    I call him instantly - surprise surprise - no answer, so I txt "gutless. O'well you've only got yourself to blame"

    "ok" he says.

    I txt before trying to call again "Are you going to answer your ph or not?" His reply:

    "why? I need the rifle back to make a decision on how to fix the problem. End of story"

    I reply "May I ask how your going to fix it? Did you see the photos? They're pretty clear and I don't think it's an easy fix. Plus why should I pay for postage there
    and back since I've already paid one lot?"

    And that is where it is as of right now. That last txt was 2 and a half hours ago. I'm just dumbfounded with this guy and how he goes about doing business. I even said to him earlier in our communications that I would use him to do some cerakoting and I've got a couple of mates that are looking into it. Does he really want to risk his reputation on $600? He's just lost that between me and the lads. Not to mention anyone else now. Plain dumb. Anyhow (my word of the day!), do business with this guy at your own risk, I know I wont be. My faith in people seems to go down and down.


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    By Popular Demand gimp's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    The Big H
    No-one ever reported this guy for flogging free advertising

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    Jun 2014
    Email and Txt's are an electronic record for all to see. Take it down to a local smith or even firearms dealer ask for an assesment - don't have to be specific. Offer to send bill to seller for time and stress. Send copy of corospondance to help jog memory

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    Jan 2013
    Well that's pretty shit hope you get the result you want he sounds like a real so and so

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    Dec 2011
    Its a tough call aye, the inner in me wants to go down the disputes route again, but I honestly don't know if I can be bothered again. If there were more $$ involved I definitely would. But by the time I lodge it at @45 plus 3 hours of work etc its hardly worth it on a $600 rifle, but it'll probably eat away at me if I don't do it! lol. Even if he knock some $$ of it I would possibly be happier? I don't know. You know when you have a bad dealing over something and you still have possession of it you end up hating it because it reminds you of the shit times?? I just don't feel right with a rifle that has a bad vibe. It is a lovely action in good nick though. I know building a custom rifle on a mauser isn't overly cheap and resale is non existent but I do like the idea of having an 8x57. Would I still hate it if I put my touches on it? hmmmm dunno.

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    Jun 2014
    A 9.3 barrel may put a smile back on your dial.
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    Terminator Products Kiwi Greg's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Good on you for telling your side of the story properly, most don't even bother, or do it way too politely, then another member after another finds out the hard way.........

    Still reckon its worth putting a few rounds through it

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    Member 300CALMAN's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Nasty, good on you for sharing.

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    Gold member Pointer's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    That's just piss poor, hope you get this sorted

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    Member northdude's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    north auckland area
    sounds like a bit of a dropkick to say it nicely

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    Almost literate. veitnamcam's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Thanks for letting us know.
    "Hunting and fishing" fucking over licenced firearms owners since ages ago.

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    Oct 2013
    Sorry to hear you have gone through this. Have had nothing but good dealings with the folk on this forum. 🏼 have had poor dealings with tards on TM. It eats at you long after and makes you bitter. Contacted banks and they were useless. Eventually got a response from tard after telling him I have all correspondence and bank details and will forward to police for investigation as well as Trademe. Tard responded quick then. Maybe I'm just vindictive and don't forget but it eats at you... Hate dishonest folk. So unnecessary. Thanks for the warning. Though and hope you find closure. Andrew I hope you are reading this tread and pull your head in. If you have a side to this story let's hear it.
    Sorry for the rant.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jun 2012
    lower hutt
    Check his account details, last online at 3am this morning

    I had a similar experience with vulcan barrels. After about 3 months I finally got my money back after no barrel. My sister works daily around the consumer guarantees act and fair trading act and was able to give me the right sections to quote which funnily enough seemed to get prompt responses.

    Good luck with it

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    Member 199p's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Palmerston North
    Yeah mate Because he is a company you have several ways to get your $$$$ back,

    If i was you i would send it back as requested
    then when he says its not that bad you say its not fit for purpose nor as described

    If he wont rebarrel (fix or replace) then has to give you a refund under the consumer guarantees act.

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    Sending it Gibo's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    The Hill
    What a ratshit experience mate. I hope it works out for you. Plenty of other good bastards on here so I hope you still have some faith in humanity.



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