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Thread: Quietest supressors

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    Jul 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by bunji View Post
    @Larskramer Here you go, settle in with a drink & disappear down the Suppressor Rabbit Hole

    NZ Rod & Rifle Suppressor Test

    I have seen a couple of comments about this test when it is mentioned to bear in mind that it was done at Hardy Engineering ( e.g https://www.nzhuntingandshooting.co....t-hardy-42634/ ). I don't know what that means but it is something to consider.

    I own a DPT and an Oceania Defence. I think if you are going Muzzle Forward and the cost/added barrel length doesn't put you off a Titanium Oceania Defence is a great option, even the QD version is super light (170 grams suppressor plus 74 grams brake) and allows you to easily run it on different threaded rifles like I do. It is a 30 cal suppressor but works with 6.5's really well too. I see you are not really too worried about light weight so unless you are planning to run it on another lightweight rifle the cost probably isn't worth it for you.

    I have shot my 16" Marlin Dark 30-30 with my Oceania Defence can next to a much longer barrel PRS 308 rifle with a Hardy 5th Gen Stealth (which in the Rod and Rifle test which seems to come out on top if I am reading it right). The 308 was shooting mix of 150gr factory ammo and hand loaded 168gr from memory and the 3030 had 160gr FTX rounds, the 30-30 was noticeably quieter to me. I am not sure what the comparison of a 30-30 to 308 noise is supposed to be, the 308 has quite a bit more velocity so maybe that was why.

    DPT to me is one of the best hunting rifle suppressors out there for those wanting a shorter suppressor with good suppression at an affordable price and light weight. You could always get one and keep adding baffles till you are happy with the suppression. The magnum versions are a great option as they are only 45 grams heavier than their standard suppressors, come no further forward and can be used on a magnum rifle as well which is pretty versatile.

    My friend has a A-Tec on a 16" 308 like the suppressor @mikee uses. They are really impressive too he runs it with a couple of baffles out in the bush then adds them when out of the thick stuff. Very good suppression.
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    I have found that pretty much all of the suppressors from different manufacturers of similar internal volume tend to be so similar that to my ears, they cannot be distinguished. You don't find a lot of monocore centrefire suppressors, and all the commercial brands tend to be K baffle stacks of some persuasion.
    I put a silicone weka suppressor cover on my SSRNZ suppressor, and that seemed to make a difference with noise in the bush - i.e. metal rubbing on foliage, rather than the blast from burnt powder.
    You are hunting from a quad, so don't need to make the volume vs weight tradeoffs that alpine hunters tend to consider.
    Personally I'd get something with the largest muzzle forward volume, with the smallest baffle hole that will work for a 6.5mm round. Every manufacturer seems to have something to tick this box.
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    Jun 2012
    A larger volume blast chamber for example a magnum suppressor should make a noticeable difference in sound suppression.
    With my 308 I’ve got a standard muzzle forward 5 baffle DPT and has now got 2 extra baffles making it quieter and hardly any flash out the end at night time/ evening which makes for faster follow up shots and/or multiple animals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quentin View Post
    Personally I'd get something with the largest muzzle forward volume, with the smallest baffle hole that will work for a 6.5mm round. Every manufacturer seems to have something to tick this box.
    Its the baffle hole size that is has the big effect in my experience, some are very finely tuned like ( hardy) others are pretty generic and despite what's written on the can 6mm cans can take a 30 cal and still be slopy.

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    Mar 2012
    Got a magnum DPT on our 75 243. It is bloody quiet as in quieter than the 223 with extra baffles and extra stainless baffles. Putting a magnum on our WSSM in November when we pass thru Te Rapa. Also the balance with the magnum is superb. Pays to shut your mouth and listen to advice. Quality kit.
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    Apr 2012
    Have a new Stealth magnum, very impressed with the design, stainless insert in every baffle. Will run it on the 7mm mag and report back.

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    Mar 2012
    Deep South
    The one issue I have with that R&R review of sorts.

    Is that they used one of the brands (in the review)own acoustic measuring devices and didn't get a independent one.

    Therefore there is no zero independent to judge against for a fair comparison.

    MAE is sadly out of business thanks directly to our dear leader which is a real shame as they made some good gear which passed the tests to be sold on the euro/UK market.

    The general rule of thumb is the more volume, the denser the material it's made out of the quieter it is.

    DPT are a great workhorse of a fair number of people however if you want the quietest and lightest.

    Oceania defense. 3d printed titanium suppressors. Plus they have a unique ratchet lock system which is super cool and very practical.

    Hope this helps

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    Nov 2016
    South Island
    I have a gunworks but haven't used any other brands, so can't form an opinion.
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    Apr 2015
    dpt and add extra baffles.....its your coin to spend but that option makes most sence to me...you start basic and keep adding till your happy...if ever go to resell, the extra baffles can be flicked off seperately easy enough.... same if decide to take rifle for walk...and dont want all them on the end...take off however many tickles your fancy and go walkies,knowing beforehand any change in impact change will make.

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    May 2018
    Quietest so far u have used is a greystone 6k. But it's it's big supressor. On the same rifle I have used a greystone 3k, hardy stealth, and a dpt of some sort. The greystone is by far the quietest. The others left a crack sound, the greystone was far more thuddy.



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