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Thread: Scope mounting

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    Apr 2019

    Scope mounting

    hi all, just after a little advice if possible. first time mounting a scope and im either missing something super obvious or i might have a gammy scope.... the reticle does not seem to be aligned with the tube body, its most of a bubble out, enough to spot without even using a level. i can either get the reticle level or the body level, but not both. ive tried lining it up with horizontal level, plumb bob, and even turned lights out and shone torch through it and same result.

    any insights?? its a brand new vx5, so surely its me and not the gear??

    pic is mainly a cry for attention...
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    Member scotty's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    the old cheese factory
    overthinking it?.......... close your eyes shoulder the rifle open your eye , is it in focus? , eye releif ok?...... does the reticle look level ? if not turn the scope till it does , forget about it
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    Member northdude's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    north auckland area
    the best way ive heard of doing it and do it now is set up in front of a mirror and get the verticle crosshair to pass through the center of the barrel when looking through the scope at the mirror

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    Member Ryan_Songhurst's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    South Island
    does the top of the reticle line up with the Zero mark on your turret if you look at it centered ? Ive never worried about using a level and all that funny business, just put the scope on, line it up so it looks right then go shooting, its never affected my ability too shoot out real far and the couple of times I have had a store mount a scope for me using a level its seemed so obviously out of alignment that ive loosened the rings and re centred it anyhow

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    Member Sasquatch's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    The Forest
    If you're still having no luck with getting your scope aligned I'm more than happy to help if you wanted to bring your rifle to the range.

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    Jan 2016
    If you're a normal person, follow the advice above. If you're OCD like me, buy a scope levelling kit.
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    Member Tahr's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Its not impossible that the reticle is out of alignment - have heard of it with Leupold before and as recently as in a VX6.
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    Member Cooper's Avatar
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    Sep 2018
    South Auckland
    Hard to tell if you've set it up that way but you want the scope level front to back too or any slight angle in the bubble will put it off.
    Quite often if I'm doing it quickly I just use something parallel and align the machjned flat on the bottom of the scope with the rail

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    Nov 2014
    Christchuch New Zealand
    First I get the scope set so that I know how far forward or back I need it to be for eye relief, then I mark the scope and ring with tape so I can mount it in the correct length later.

    Then I remove the scope.

    Personally I set the rifle up in a vice or clamp so that it is held securely and so that you will be able to see a wall or fence through the scope when it is refitted.

    I remove the scope and make sure to level the rifle itself them clamp that so that it cannot move.

    I fit the rings and scope so that is can be rotated but not moved rearwards or forwards (So I dont alter the eye relief I had earlier)

    I look through the scope at a vertical line on the fence / wall. And I check whether the cap is horizontal. The cap is only so if I have to check in future, I know whether the cap is suitable to use with the level.

    Most people end to hold the rifle on a cant so that when the look through it they "tilt" it slightly without realising it, but the eye will naturally counter that IF the cross hair is actually vertical.

    When leveling I ALWAYS use the level in both directions (left / right) so once I have the rifle level I spin the level 180 degrees and make sure it is still level. I have had a couple of cheaper levels that were out slightly and doing this highlights whether the level itself can be trusted.

    The offer from @Sasquatch would be a good offer to take up and well worth the effort.
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    Apr 2018
    you have to first make the rifle sit flat and level by removing the towel.

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    Jan 2018
    New Zealand
    If you intend to shoot with accuracy past medium distance then everything needs to be plumb. The adjustments need to move parallel to earth if you want to dial, properly. It is possible that the scope cap is not seated perfectly level, but if its enough to notice by eye then its probably a warranty job. The best thing to do will be get a plumb bob and level the reticle off that, then run the adjustments through their entire movement range and see if they track true with the plub bob. Try to do it from as far distance as you can. If its a dud, then it happens. Im sure you will be looked after.

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    Member Puffin's Avatar
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    May 2012
    I would find this really off-putting, and if it was me I'd get it repaired. The lens with the reticle etched on it has possibly been fitted rotationally slightly out of alignment with the turrets in the way Tahr mentioned it might have.

    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    ...... does the reticle look level ? if not turn the scope till it does , forget about it
    The problem with this is that if you set the rifle up and use it with the reticle aligned vertically and horizontally, but the turrets then out of alignment, when you dial on elevation you will be dialing in some windage too. It will be the same as using the rifle with some cant. It would be much less of an issue if it wasn't a dialing scope as you'd just align the reticle and deal with the out-of-alignment turrets when sighting-in.
    If you want to live with it, set up a bubble level aligned with the turrets and use the reticle canted. As mentioned elsewhere though, there is a natural tendency to rotate the rifle for what you perceive to be true vertical and horizontal based on the reticle.

    Edit: and what Chris says above while I was posting.
    Last edited by Puffin; 05-09-2019 at 11:51 PM.
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    Jul 2013
    On the bright side, the bipod will be an easy fix.
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    Member Ground Control's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Australia / Marlborough Sounds
    How are you determining that the rifle is level and not canted before you start aligning the scope ?

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    Member Mathias's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Canterbury, home of the big Rakaia Red Stag
    Theres no guarantee that the top cap on the scope is dead level. Mine wasn't on my VX6 when I tried to do exactly as you have, so I just eyed it up as I would normally do and all is good.



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