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Thread: Two evenings, one silly spiker

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    Member StrikerNZ's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    South Canterbury

    Two evenings, one silly spiker

    The venison supply in the freezer was dwindling, so it was time to go for a wander..

    Into here I went for an afternoon.
    Name:  IMG_1184.jpg
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Size:  431.3 KB

    However, I'm thoroughly out of practice on the bush stalking, so day one was largely me being too fast when I should be slow, too loud when I should be silent, and too slow when I should be fast.

    Did see a couple of these - (terrible photo I know..)
    Name:  Frame-01-03-2017-10-10-07.jpg
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Size:  542.6 KB

    And a decent number of these, usually as they headed in the other direction - (ditto)
    Name:  IMG_1188.jpg
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Size:  189.6 KB

    These particular ones were out of bounds, so while within range still, were quite safe from me.

    I did manage to line up on a couple of does, both relatively easy shots had I taken them, but it's boys-only currently, for obvious fawny reasons..

    Towards the end of the afternoon, I did find one silly spiker out for a feed, just beyond the boundary of the pines, so I stalked to within 100m (finally a purpose for waist-high thistles!) and proceed to spend 15 minutes making an utter fool of myself as I clapped, whistled, clicked my tongue, slapped my leg, and made numerous other attempts to make him uncomfortable, until he finally had enough and popped back through the boundary fence into the trees where I could get at him. Just as he reached shelter, he paused for long enough to line him up square on the shoulder - Just in time for me to hesitate, thinking I should take a neckshot instead. Too late, he was gone.

    A good shot taken is (would have been..) better than a perfect shot not taken. Lesson learned.

    Away home in disgust and exhaustion, I decided to come back the next night and spend a bit of time watching over some open tracks and clearings, seeing as my stalking had failed me.

    Day two, starting a little later in the evening..

    Name:  IMG_1920.jpg
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Size:  411.5 KB

    The first posse was a pleasant spot, but proved fruitless, so after 45 mins I got itchy feet, and moved along to the next clearing, not without a bit of interest on the way.

    Yearling doe, left to rebuild the population -
    Name:  Frame-28-02-2017-02-30-25.jpg
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Size:  687.5 KB

    Where was this one when you were here eh @Shearer ?
    Name:  IMG_1925.jpg
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Size:  512.6 KB

    On approach to the second clearing, a doe and her fawn took off from just on the other side of a small ridge. She stopped above me in the trees, giving me the old "what are you supposed to be" for a time, before deciding she was actually a huntaway, and barking up a frenzy as she departed.

    Name:  Frame-28-02-2017-02-31-19.jpg
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Size:  560.5 KB

    I carried on to the clearing and watched the grass grow for another hour. Watching a hare doing its thing, a wallaby making a brief appearance, and another doe, possibly a yearling, show a bit of ankle peeking out of the pines, before deciding it wasn't safe yet.

    With the evening closing in, I decided this end of the trees seemed to be doe-country for now, and made one more shift to see if I could find the boy country. I stalked my way down the ridge, to a final clearing, from which I had chased two spikers the day before. No luck, and only 10 minutes of light left. Hmm.

    I pushed on, out to the back fenceline, near where I had seen the spiker the night before. Not down to the left where he had been, but on the right.. ah!
    Out of bounds again!
    Name:  IMG_1203.jpg
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Size:  233.4 KB

    I snuck up the fenceline, approaching a small crest from where I could watch the gap in the fence he'd likely use if I disturbed him again. This time though, he spotted me, and instead of disappearing into the sunset, it seemed he was quite keen to earn the 'Silly Spiker' title. Instead he turned and came straight towards me, giving the odd stomp and stare. He diverted around me, keeping about 50 metres distance, and after a couple more stops, ducked under the fence and stopped one final time for a nosey. Being right on last light perhaps contributed to him not having a clear vision of me.

    No hesitation this time - crosshairs met shoulder, finger applied to trigger, firing pin meets primer.

    The sound and reaction to the shot was positive, and although he lurched and ran, I knew he wouldn't go far.

    Name:  IMG_1210.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  311.5 KB

    Job done, freezer re-stocked. Hope you enjoyed this marathon..

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    Member Shearer's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2013
    Excellent. Great little playground.
    That's a good looking wobbly alright too.
    Experience. What you get just after you needed it.

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    Join Date
    Jul 2014
    Paengaroa, Te Puke
    Excellent result in an area with a variety of game to keep you interested.

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    Member craigc's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Nice. I was starting to wonder if the title was a tease!

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    OPCz Rushy's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2012
    Nor West of Auckland on the true right of the Kaipara River
    that will be a bloody nice eater.
    It takes 43 muscle's to frown and 17 to smile, but only 3 for proper trigger pull.
    What more do we need? If we are above ground and breathing the rest is up to us!
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    Rule 3: Load a firearm only when ready to fire
    Rule 4: Identify your target beyond all doubt
    Rule 5: Check your firing zone
    Rule 6: Store firearms and ammunition safely
    Rule 7: Avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms

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    Member Micky Duck's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2015
    great read and photos,thanks for taking time to share them.

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    Member Chur Bay's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2016
    Nice one. Looks like a good spot.

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    Member Dreamer's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Good work mate

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    "O what a day, what a lovely day"

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    The Scope Whore ! Philipo's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Palmy Nth
    Good stuff, Love the Roo pic
    Instagram - big_philipo_73

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    Member StrikerNZ's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012
    South Canterbury
    Cheers guys, it's a special spot alright.. I always appreciate what a privilege it is to be there, and am quite careful what I take.

    I spend more time in there with a camera than a rifle.
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