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Thread: Gang Member Sent to Jail for AR15

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    Apr 2015
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    Gang Member Sent to Jail for AR15

    Photos in the link.

    Plan by Head Hunter Liam John Kane for friend to take blame for hidden AR-15 firearm backfires


    Head Hunter goes to prison for carrying "serious firepower" because of judge's concerns about growing number of gangland murders.
    A Head Hunter's plan for a friend to take the blame for a military-style firearm - the weapon of choice in recent mass shootings overseas - backfired when both men went to prison.

    Police found an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, a suppressor, a telescopic scope, two high-capacity 30-round magazines, as wells as 16 rounds hidden in the garage of Liam John Kane's Tauranga home.

    The 28-year-old is a patched member of the Head Hunters and pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

    At his trial in September, an associate of the gang, Brent Anthony Gunning, gave evidence and attempted to take the blame.

    Gunning, 38, told the jury he paid $800 for the firearm as a birthday present for himself.

    He used it to shoot possums but put the AR-15 and ammunition in the wall cavity of Kane's garage, behind some wooden shelves, without telling his friend.

    So the police charged Gunning too. The 38-year-old pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

    However, the jury in Kane's trial clearly did not believe Gunning.

    Despite Gunning taking the fall - and eventually jailed last week for 15 months - Kane was found guilty of the same charges for the same weapon, as well as a breach of a protection order.

    This week Kane was sent to prison by Judge Thomas Ingram for 3 years and 9 months, a sentence harsher than the prison time sought by the Crown.

    But Judge Ingram said he was highly concerned about the number of recent "gangland" murders in the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato, many of which were fatal shootings.

    The judge had presided over a number of prosecutions against the Head Hunters in recent years, including Kane's trial, and said firearms featured in all of them.

    So Judge Ingram said he wanted to send a message to gang members caught with guns.

    "This a serious piece of weaponry in wide use by military forces around the world," Judge Ingram said of the AR-15, a weapon fired in a number of recent mass shootings in the United States.

    "I also consider possession by a gang member of a military-style weapon with two magazines which has serious firepower, as we have recently seen in the United States, as a serious aggravating factor."

    The semi-automatic rifle - with the serial number ground off - was discovered in Kane's garage in October 2017.

    This was just six months after Kane was sentenced on the identical charge of unlawful possession of a shotgun hidden under his bed.

    He was convicted on the single charge after a trial with seven other Head Hunters on dozens of charges stemming from the alleged kidnapping of a wealthy businessman.

    In sentencing Kane on the shotgun charge to community detention and community work, Justice Timothy Brewer urged him to take a different path in life. Otherwise he would end up in prison.

    "I do not see you as an evil person, I see you as a person with some real potential," said Justice Brewer.

    "In this case, you have dodged a bullet but you are not bulletproof, and the Head Hunters are about serious drugs and violence when necessary."

    Detective Sergeant Alan Kingsbury, the officer in charge of the AR-15 case, said police are finding more and more firearms in their day-to-day work.

    "It's been really noticeable in the last few years," said Kingsbury, who's been a police officer for 28 years.

    "There's some serious firepower out there and it's hugely concerning."

    Criminals often carry firearms to intimidate other criminals for money, colloquially referred to as "taxing" perceived debts, often for drugs.

    This has led to a "vicious circle", said Kingsbury, where more underworld figures who fear being "taxed" carry firearms to protect themselves.

    And while many people would not be concerned about criminals hurting one another, Kingsbury said innocent parties often get caught up in the violence.

    Just last month, Head Hunter Kalwyn Kershaw was jailed for pulling a loaded pistol on two young men after slashing them with a knife in downtown Tauranga.

    And earlier this year, David Kuka was the victim of an "execution style" shooting in Gate Pa which police believe was a case of mistaken identity.

    Detectives are investigating whether the 52-year-old was wrongly targeted in revenge after a Mongrel Mob member, Lance Waite, was also fatally shot in the same house a month earlier.

    Across the country, the issue of illegal firearms has been a vexed issue since the Aramoana massacre in 1990.

    Police have no accurate idea of the total number of guns in the country, as records of firearms were abandoned in 1982 for a system of licensing owners.

    However, a 1997 review by Sir Thomas Thorp suggested there was evidence of a substantial pool of weapons held for criminal purposes that could be between 10,000 and 25,000.

    The retired judge recommended a number of changes for stricter gun control but was mostly ignored.

    More recently, criminals getting their hands on guns was the subject of a Law and Order Select Committee inquiry in Parliament.

    But only seven of 20 recommendations were accepted in 2017 by the previous government.

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    So where do I go to buy an ar15 for $800?

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    Hunter gatherer dannyb's Avatar
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    May 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by 223nut View Post
    So where do I go to buy an ar15 for $800?
    Your local Headhunter I guess ?
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    Feb 2013
    spreydon christcurch.
    judge ingram -take a bow sir ,youre clearly a man of commonsense and not afraid to show lowlifes that this shit has consequences!

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    Nov 2014
    Christchuch New Zealand
    It was a good read up until the last six lines where the reporter implies the whole problem is because of a lack of gun control.

    Other than that, good call....two birds with one stone....I like it.

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    Apr 2014
    at least it was a dry bus ticket this time
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    May 2017
    about time these judges started showing some common sense , still think it should be a minimum of 5 years no parole for illegal firearm possession . good on you judge.

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    Hunter gatherer dannyb's Avatar
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    May 2018
    Oxford, North Canterbury
    Not like he shot up his neighbors house or anything
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    Feb 2018
    This judge has obviously had enough of people getting a slap on the wrist. Hopefully this starts a precedent But after that guy got home detention for firing at his neighbors house and car...i doubt it.
    If judges keep giving out community service, home detention and concurrent sentences why would they care about having illegal firearms.
    If you are dealing drugs there is no real consequences on having firearms on hand aswell. As basically you only serve the highest sentence. Ie 10 years distributing meth. 2 years illegal possession of a firearm. Chuck in some receiving stolen goods etc 1 year. something else on 2 years. something else on 5 years. Everything is free except the distributing meth So they wont serve 20 they will be out in 6.

    i agree should be some form of minimum non parole for having illegal firearm. But there is problems with making blanket laws. you run into issues like police charging people who hold A & E for illegal possession/conversion of MSSA after the police insert the E cat mags into A cat firearms take photos and the person ends up in court...5 years....BAM. Also if the sentences are too high crims who have the guns are going to be like fuck it, im going to do 10 years might aswell use it and get away... Would be better if being charged with firearm offences and drugs charges are involved and/or being part of a gang then have higher sentencing.
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    Nov 2014
    A register would have prevented this hahahahahaha
    Identify your target beyond all doubt

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    Jan 2015
    It cracks me up how the press report this, but glamourise gang fuckstains in other articles. Cunts should get an automatic 5 years added on to their sentences if they're a member of an organised criminal group.

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    north auckland area
    Gun probably came from the comunity service he did some dickhead judges would make him serve it working in a gun shop

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    Member Cordite's Avatar
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    May 2017
    NZ Mainland
    Just love to see how the usual tactic of having a gang prospect take the rap for the patched member just... backfired. TWO down!

    And yes, writer of article totally missed the significance of this Judge not going for the usual wet bus ticket sentence, no doubt blinkered by an urge to make a preconceived point about gun control.

    Worrying how the judge justified his sentence partly based on U.S. mass shootings with AR15s. Not that relevant to NZ.

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    Nov 2014
    The Forest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordite View Post
    Worrying how the judge justified his sentence partly based on U.S. mass shootings with AR15s. Not that relevant to NZ.
    That's a point. Perhaps if it came to it, and one had to defend themselves in their own home to save life & liberty, you could reside the U.S. Constitution as justification.

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    I took the time of which I wasted to ask the herald via messenger as to some of their "facts".
    Hi Team....

    You are aware that the AR15 is a semi automatic only version and it's variants of the M16 and M4 which are assault rifles as they are capable of burst or full automatic fire?

    Your also aware that the Police use AR 15s which are semi automatic only?

    Also do you have any evidence to prove that under the ARMS ACT the firearm in question was a registered MSSA or E cat? Or are you assuming it is because it's a AR 15?

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    No response and no retraction or editing not that they seem to remotely care about facts



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