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Thread: Take a look at this

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    Take a look at this

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    NASA Addresses Doomsday Prediction by Comet Strike in September 2015

    By Ankur Sinha on June 12, 2015·59 Comments


    NASA has been forced to address the latest doomsday prediction by an impending 2.5-mile comet strike in the month of September 2015. The claim was initially made by the self-proclaimed prophet named Rev Efrain Rodriguez. He said that a very large asteroid or a comet will hit Earth either on September 15, 22 or 28 or any other day in between. He also claimed that the location of the comet strike will be around the region close to Puerto Rico. The impact will set in motion a series of events taking place simultaneously in various parts of the world like triggering earthquakes, causing a tsunami, and volcano eruptions.

    The final prediction is that the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. He further confirmed that the entire U.S. east coast, Latin American nations, Mexico, and some countries in South America will be completely destroyed. He advised NASA to issue a warning about the comet strike so that people presently living in the areas that will be affected, can be relocated to safer places.

    NASAThe claims made by Rodriguez have gone viral creating an atmosphere of panic among many people. The radical claim of many biblical theorists is that a massive asteroid or comet, large enough to spell the end of the human race, is about to collide with Earth. Although the details are still a little fuzzy and the claims lack credentials, the massive popularity of the prediction has forced NASA to respond. The agency has clarified that the world will not end in September 2015, and humanity will not be destroyed. It has also been stated that the possibility of such a major collision with a comet or a large asteroid is negligible. NASA has addressed the latest prediction of apocalypse by an approaching comet strike in the month of September 2015 and dismissed the theory as unfounded.

    A spokesperson from NASA said that the agency is not aware of and is not tracking any comet or asteroid which is on a collision course with Earth in the month of September 2015. In fact, the spokesperson went on to say that as per the tracking information available to NASA at this moment, no large comet or asteroid is expected to strike Earth for the next several hundred years. However, many theorists are claiming that governments of many leading countries around the world have information and knowledge about the comet strike. They claim that a contingency plan is being prepared, which will make sure that the elite ruling class is protected.

    It is believed that the governments are keeping the information about this comet strike secret, to allow the more affluent class to be ready and to prevent mass panic. Claims are being made all over that the U.S. government could possibly form an alliance with other Western powers, and that all industrial nations will come together. Some suggest that the secret world government will finally reveal itself. Connections to an all-powerful group named Bilderberg Group are also suggested by many.

    Other accounts of such apocalyptic theories are being shared online and are gaining a lot of traction with many people agreeing that the event would bring about a climatic catastrophe. Some people have claimed that the actual doomsday will be caused due to Cern’s LHC. They say that the logo of Cern is the number ‘666’, which is the sign of the devil. Others say that it is the sign of the beast in the circle. They go on to claim that the Cern collider looks like ‘stargate’ or ‘the all seeing eye’ that they find in many places around the world. For now, NASA has addressed and contradicted the prediction of apocalypse by an impending comet strike in the month of September 2015.

    By Ankur Sinha

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    Personally, I blame Bono

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    Oh no. It's Y2K all over again.

    The conspiracy is all true too, the guy at cash strapped NASA will be of the elite class.
    There are only three types of people in this world. Those that can count, and those that can't!

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    past the gum trees on your left
    It is Dominion Day on the 26th...I am going to make a cake...if that is any help!!
    ...amitie, respect mutuel et amour...

    ...le beau et le bon, cela rime avec Breton!...

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    Yay won't have to pay the bills tomorrow
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    "Thats not a knife, this is a knife"
    Rule 2: Always point firearms in a safe direction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Personally, I blame Bono
    I find it hard to believe that some cosmic being is going to go to all the trouble of flicking a big arse meteor at us just to get rid of some washed up singer

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    Hawkes Bay

    Take a look at this

    Get off the P/meth.
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    The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds

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    Hahahahahaha what a crack up! Last thing I need in the middle of the month! So much to do, so little time aaarrrrrgggghhhh
    Boom, cough,cough,cough

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    Christchuch New Zealand
    Great news. Clearly global climate change is fixed. If we blow up the whole planet with a comet there's not much point worrying about the weather........

    Also good news on the Zombie apocolypse. That problem clearly also just solved itself. Man kind vapourised = No zombies.

    For everyone who is really and genuinely worried about the warnings, dont panic, there is a perscrption especially for you. Take two of whatever the preacher "Rev Efrain Rodriguez" took and call your GP in the morning if the symptoms persist.

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    Aussie vic
    This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity

    He advised NASA to issue a warning about the comet strike so that people presently living in the areas that will be affected, can be relocated to safer places.

    well if the 1st line is correct why bother with the second someone send him a slab and a pipe hahaha



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