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Thread: A view from the other side of the counter.

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    Member stingray's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    A view from the other side of the counter.

    My son has had a job with a outdoor store for nine months and often comes round with great yarns of new gear and other expensive things that will make me a wonder hunter/fisherman, But sometimes I get lucky and he comes around shares a beer and a meal and tells me some yarns about people he meets and the things they do.

    This yarn started with him slurping on one of my coldies, he leant foward checks around to make sure no ladies are in ear shot and says to me " dad you not going to believe the f*#king guy we had into day" ... so I leant back had a slurp on me own coldie and said "yeah!! go on".. "well he says this bloke comes in looking for a fillet knife, so i showed him the range and he ask's what would I recomend, so I picked out the one, the type you and I use.. then he asks how sharp it is. So I shave the hairs off me forearm to show him and he goes like "yeah ok give us a look" .

    "So I pass him the knife and he takes it and runs the blade over the palm of his hand dad!!" I'm like naa bullshit!!! But my lads back into his yarn "blood goes everywhere dad and I'm like WTF did ya do that for?? and the bloke says I was just checking it was sharp..so I'm running around getting a towel for this bloke, wipeing up the blood and my boss comes over to see WTF is going on and the bloke says yeah i'll take it" (the knife).Then ask's for directions to local a&e!!

    By now I'm pissing myself and my lad continues "so thats ok I clean up the mess and stuff and then this guys comes in with a brand new xyz shotgun complaining the action is stiff and hard to crank".I have a quick look at it and ask him if he's cleaned and oiled it? "Na mate haven't got round to it!!" So I ask him dad! "like oh yeah did the guy who sold it to you tell you how to clean it and why etc??" "Yeah mate he replies just being busy eh", "how long you had the gun?" my lad ask's??

    "Ohh seven or eight month's says the bloke" so my lad breaks the gun down looks down the barrel and shakes his head he reckoned it looked like the fella had being soaking it in saltwater!! (By now I'm just about in tears). he says to the bloke errr it's not looking to good eh" and the bloke replies "wadda mean I spent alot of $$$ on that gun etc etc".

    So seen as how he's only a young lad and still green himself he goes and get's the boss. The boss picks up the shot gun looks it over and looks the bloke up and down and says to him mate you can't leave guns like this and expect em to work etc... so words are exchanged.. and the boss puts the gun back together and hands it to the bloke and tells him that next time he buys a gun he should head into the kids section of a toy shop and buy a plastic one!!"

    Well by now I'm choking on my beer. My lad say's in nine months of working there he seen two people cut themselves with knives, binos returned because they won't focus (whilst the instructions remain un-opened in the box), hooks in fingers, spearguns shoplifted ,rods broken, and met some fantastic people.

    He loves his job!! but me I can't wait for the next eddition of better work stories.
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    Jul 2012
    Dannevirke, southern Ruahines
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha awesome! !!!!
    But no matter what the dumb cunts are always right ay.I've had a Guy come in with a air rifle and he bought a scope of trade me couldn't get it to hit a target he was left handed.scope had the elevation turret on left side of rifle and left and right turret were the elevation should be .if he had zeroed it he might of got lucky

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    Member Bryan's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    I have seen almost all the above during my time working at gun stores in years past. There sure are some real special people out there.

    The malfunctioning shotgun story happened almost every week, and each time it was due to ignorance, poor treatment, she'll be right attitude, etc. There was always a sheepish look and lame excuse as to why the gun was in such poor state when I stripped them down in front of the customer.

    The knife one is a real cracker though, that guy would have to win the award for least amount of brain cells.
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    Member gadgetman's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    I didn't do the shop bit, but I used to do the delivery/installation/instructions. Definitely better work stories.
    There are only three types of people in this world. Those that can count, and those that can't!

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    Member mikee's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Nelson, New Zealand
    OMG, Hope he doen't work at the shop I shop at

    We get them too

    Customer " my fishfinder dosen't show any fish"

    Well in a fit of common sense I said " Well sir, maybe there are no fish" (one of those moments where you hear the words comming out whilst desperately trying to get them back in) and out of the corner of my eye I could see the other guys bloody near keeling over with laughter.

    Another customer was complaining that there were fish shown up everywhere but he could not catch them and he reckoned the depth indicated was wrong for the area.

    We got the unit in and a small clue were the words "Demo" in the top left.............................................. ..................................................

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    Feb 2012
    Westland NZ
    Dear Penthouse.........

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    Almost literate. veitnamcam's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    So that was your son i was talking to, helpful chap
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    Member sako75's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Going back a few moons, a customer was having feed problems with a MIG welder we sold him. It was Xmas eve and he was screaming blue murder to my boss. Boss asked if I would mind going to Kaeo in Northland and sort it out. No problem, took the mrs for a drive.
    Got there after 3.5hrs with hardly a welcome. Immediately saw the new roll of wire had a "birds nest" Bet he let the wire go when installing it
    Cut a few meters off and away it went. Out the door in 10min without even a thanks or merry Xmas
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    Sending it Gibo's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    The Hill
    Classic yarn there stinger!!

    VC you should make a dvd of how to's. How to remove hook, how to prove a knifes worth and so on

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    Member Bavarian_Hunter's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    that first bloke nearly had me in tears haha cant write that stuff!

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    Dec 2012
    Probably apocryphal but I heard about the guy who rang up to complain about his new stainless steel rangehood being the wrong colour-
    "It's bloody blue!" he yells down the phone
    "Can you have a pick at a corner of it with your fingernail and see if it peels off?" says the shop guy
    "Ah fer fucks sake" he says and hangs up 5 seconds later

    Unfortunately that guy gets a vote
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    Nov 2012
    Had a guy we fixed a spa pump for,the plumber said it was leaking and pulled it apart to show him. We rebuilt it and water tested it.
    He took it away and brought it back the next day saying it was still leaking!
    Said he wanted it done at no charge, I told him it wasnt the pump and loaded it on to the test bench again and ran it up, no leaks.
    I said if he took it home and found a leak else where he owed us some beer.
    Next day he came in with the carton of beer, with 'Plumbers know all about pumps, YEAH RIGHT.'
    Dumb arse plumber did pickup the pipe joint that had let go under the spa, not once but twice!!
    Said the downstairs had been flooded
    Boom, cough,cough,cough

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    GSP Mad Munsey's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    I used to work as an installer for retailers , they sold the appliance ( log fire)I installed . I was always on the receiving end of complete morons complaining . One guy rung the manager one day and said his house was on fire ! And I was to blame . I got the phone call , dropped everything and took of out to his house . Turned out chimney was blocked ! And no house fire thank fuck , but somehow I was to blame . I got on the two story house roof took the cowl off it's blocked all right . Someone had tightly stuffed bird netting down the chimney . Oh he said didn't want birds to get in ! Did you not want smoke to get out too I said ! .
    Also had another man complain his fire got to hot ! WTF ! , had trouble getting him to pay as he was adamant the fire was to hot . He chose the bloody fire .
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    Mar 2012
    when I worked part time at a store in Rotorua a few years back we had a couple of indians come in they wanted a double barrel hammer shotgun with 30 inch barrels and a 44 magnum pistol the guy in charge of the firearms department spent ages convincing them that they had to have B cat for the pistol and that they were only allowed to shoot them at the range and that the double barrel hammer shotgun was out of the question too. after convincing them of that they asked what sort of rifle they can get for shooting fallow at the back of thier property they got shown some nice secondhand rifles and brand new ones they both said too expensive we only wanted to spend $200 and walked out.
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    Dec 2011
    Way East of D'Vagas
    Was talking with my hay making gang the other day and one of there fathers is 80 plus still does the tractor work and did a whole lap of a 10ha pd without turning around once only to find every single bale broke and they were conventional bales.
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