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Thread: I wasn't seriously expecting to hit it.........Fluke shots.

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    Member Max Headroom's Avatar
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    Jul 2018

    I wasn't seriously expecting to hit it.........Fluke shots.

    Tell us about your fluke shots. The ones where you took a potshot at something moving too fast or from too far away and dropped it, to the astonishment of all and sundry, not least, you.

    The only impressive fluke shot I can really lay claim to was the one where I'd been stung by a wasp just below the navel, and then a week later, was using a 22 pistol at the range.

    I lined up on a steel plate, fired, and instantly was smacked right on top of the sting by the .22 slug. It had bounced back of the steel, hit me squarely on top of it, and fell onto the bench in front of me.

    My eyes were watering too much to be impressed with my own brilliance at the time.
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    Sending it Gibo's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    The Hill
    Yip please identify all unsafe people so i can stay away
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    Throbbing Member Dorkus's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    I tend not to take potshots...
    “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” - Thucydides 463BC

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    Hunter gatherer dannyb's Avatar
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    May 2018
    Oxford, North Canterbury
    I wouldn't call it a fluke but a cracker shot I made today, as some of you know I've been cleaning up on starlings the last couple weeks.
    So much so that the little bastards now take off if I even look out the window.
    Today I saw one on the front lawn which coincidently I could see from my sitting room.
    This might sound easy enough but we have a deck that leads off the front of the house through a set of French doors, the deck has a rail around it and is lined with diagonal trellis with gaps about 2" square.
    I carefully loaded the air rifle and lined up then waited for the starling to come into view.
    Pop !!!! Got him clean through the nut only about 6m shot but the 2" square hole I had to line my shot up through was the impressive part.
    Again I must stress not a fluke or a pot shot I've been nailing starlings as far as 20m away with this air rifle for the last week.
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    Member Beetroot's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    Not a pot shot, but out duck shooting I have twice shot two birds with a single shot.

    Might be normal for some people, but usually I'm lucky to hit what the one bird I am aiming at!
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    Member tiroatedson's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Te Awamutu Rural
    Quote Originally Posted by Beetroot View Post
    Not a pot shot, but out duck shooting I have twice shot two birds with a single shot.

    Might be normal for some people, but usually I'm lucky to hit what the one bird I am aiming at!
    Have shot three ducks with one shot once..best I ever done

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    Member oneshot's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Upper Hutt
    Me and a mate were doing a Pukeko cull many years ago, we were walking through the long rushes and I had my pump action Mossberg, he was walking behind me giving me left and right direction as to where the birds where flying up from. I blasted one at my right when I heard him yell "left" I racked and threw the shotgun up to my left holding it with one hand and pulled the trigger, I got the wayward puke and pretended that I did it on purpose.
    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

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    May 2015
    Went for a walk into my makes camp, got a nice hind just on dark. Took the back steaks and boned out the rear wheels.
    Thought, another small one for the mate (loves to make biltong) would be great. He's getting on and seldom takes a shooter wenn we go in.
    On the way out the next day loaded up , 10min from camp I see a yearling, lift, aim, fire on the hoof.
    Walk over and F**K!
    2 with 1 shot!
    Carried out 6 boned out back wheels and 6 back steaks, 12Km's!!

    I've come to the conclusion that biltong doesn't taste that good!

    Will post the 2 4 1 if interested.
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    Member TheWuce's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2018
    Took a 200 metre pot shot at a high speed bouncing Kangaroo once and nailed him right in the brain. I was aiming for his chest...

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    Join Date
    Jun 2013
    Middle Earth
    In the early 2000 I went to South Dakota for a prairie dog hunt.
    After a hunt on the way home, at the limit of day light, I saw something in a paddock on my right. The guide who was driving slammed on the brake and announced " coyote, take a shot" so I put the window down , grabbed the Winchester 70 in 223 and carefully lined up the reticle on a point just behind the front leg .the coyote was about a 120 m away, broadside but his head turned toward us.
    I took the shot and he instantly fell on the ground. I left the rifle in the car and walked up to it for inspection . The bullet had come through the right eye and out the left ear. That was the luckiest flinch I ever had.
    When the guide came to check the coyote out, he congratulated me on that great shot. A bit sure of myself , I first said that this was how I was shooting them to preserve the pelt . I then admitted about my lucky flinch.

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    Valued Member 7mm Rem Mag's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
    Gone Bush
    Was out duck shooting some years back, was stalking a pond when I noticed a ripple coming from behind a croup tussocks on the edge of the pond. I lifted my over and under just as a duck began to lift off and pulled the trigger, a duck flew away and I thought I had missed but when I walked over, there were 7 ducks lying there. A straight out fluke as I only ever saw one and thought I had missed.
    When hunting think safety first

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    Nov 2014
    Christchuch New Zealand
    I was away rabbiting with a new hunting mate. I saw two rabbits standing bolt upright about 120m away and with the angle I was on, one appeared to be directly above the other,. I lined up on the top of the top one while mate looked on from off to my left about 40m away. I squeezed off a single subsonic round and knew I would hit rabbit somewhere but was surprised when one started leaping around like dog on a rubber band. I thought "bugger , winged it" and went to pt it out of its misery. My mate saw me take the shot but not where the rabbit was, he was looking closer. He watches me walk to the rabbit getting more impressed the further I went. (He confessed afterwards that he thought I was taking the piss when I went past 100m) sees me pick up the rabbit and gives me a thumbs up. Imagine the look on his face when I return and it is a dead centre between the eyes head shot with two bulging eyes and a skull cap missing. He looked at me as if to say to himself, "Shit, this guy can shoot....."

    Anther time was similar, we were spotlighting rabbits on a station trying out the new maxtochs (they were new at the time.) I had not had great success with goats during the day managing to hit the hill side a few times. Anyway we flushed a Hare. It took off from left to right about 50m in front of us at full chat. I swung across, giving it a bit of lead knowing there was nothing in the gully either side apart from dirt if I missed and squeezed off the shot. Fuck me it starts doing cartwheels. The farm owner looks at me to say "You winged it, off you go and finish it". I walk over, pick it up and carry it back and it is now missing both eyes and has brain hanging out the left one. He then says great shot, why didnot you shoot like that this afternoon. My reply was I couldn't, the goats were standing still......

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    Join Date
    May 2018
    My best fluke was rabbit hunting, my mate had the spot light (a car spot light and a car battery in a back pack) I had my Ruger 10/22. We walk over a ridge and two rabbits run off in two directions. He puts the light on the one running right and I drop it, then pans across to the other now much further away on the left, bang it drops too. When we go and pick them up they are both head shots.
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    Member Gapped axe's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Lake Tarawera
    Out pheasant shooting with my BF when up jumps a Deer, a bit startled it was and got disorientated and ran one way and then changed it mind and it ran away from me. At about 50mtrs I took a shot at it with a solid, aimed for its arse and shot it in the back of the head. Mate was most impressed. Always carry a couple of solids when out looking for the birds in Kaingaroa.
    "ars longa, vita brevis"

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    Join Date
    Jul 2014
    Paengaroa, Te Puke
    Years ago while on pest board Beeman and I were checking a block in Kaingaroa which had a bad rabbit problem back then. I was in passenger seat with his SKB 12 gauge shooting any rabbits as they scurried away. One rabbit ran from my left to the right across the front of the truck, I lended out the window following the rabbit and fired as the shotgun slipped off my shoulder onto my jaw. The shot split the skin and blood was pissing out everywhere and after a short while the jaw was swallow pretty bad, like being in the ring with Mike Tyson . I did get the rabbit though. The shotgun was a very light gun and sure packed a punch when sitting on the jaw.
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