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    Important information regarding submissions

    info@colfo.org.nz Council of Licenced Firearms Owners Inc. PO Box 24020, Manners Street, Wellington 6142, New Zealand www.colfo.org.nz
    COLFO Guide to Preparing your Submission and Requesting Consultation

    **UPDATE 27/3/19: You MUST put your name and address on your submission, otherwise it will be treated as a comment, not a formal submission. Worse, it could be ignored! Email address alone is insufficient. You can also request anonymity in your submission, but you must include the details stated above**

    This document is designed to help you prepare the start of your submission to Parliament on the firearms reform announced 21 March 2019. We have been awaiting more detail of further reforms from Government to assist you with writing about specifics, but that detail has not been provided to you the community yet.

    Therefore you will not be given reasonable time to read, absorb the impact and consequences of the Bill that we expect to be presented in Parliament next Tuesday, 2nd April 2019.
    We ask that you start drafting your submission, but HOLD ONTO IT. Do not send it in for a couple of reasons:

    1. People are making comments already and sending them into the Parliamentary link. They are not submissions, they are just comments. Those being sent in now will not count towards submissions as the actual submission process has not been started yet. Therefore, comments being emailed in now have no real value at this stage, they are just comments.

    2. There are no further details about Government’s intent. Nor has there been consultation with the community. We do not know what the drafted legislative changes are but we do know that they are likely to be quite profound and represent the most significant changes to our ownership and use, ever.

    3. It is important that when submissions do open, the firearms community get their views into Parliament in what we expect will be a very shortened time frame in order to be counted. That means submitting your own views and encouraging your fellow firearms owners and their family members to partake and do the same. By preparing in advance now, you will be ready to go when the time is announced, and the link is shared by Government.
    We are not providing you with a card, a form or a template to copy and paste. We believe if everyone provides an individual letter it has far more influence. That influence must come from you, the affected and unheard minority. But we have provided below some ideas that we think are an essential part of your written submission.
    You should be asking for more time, a consulting voice – write about what effects you think legislation without time for genuine consultation will have on the firearms community and on public
    Even if you agree with the confiscation of the new “E” category firearms think about what else will
    be in any new legislation which could affect other disciplines of firearms use. Do you think that is
    fair? If you do, say so, and if you don’t explain why you don’t. You may have considered the
    taxpayer costs of any implementation or consider whether the reform we have been given is
    legislation which in your opinion will make our communities safer? Share your thoughts on this.

    A few do and don’ts:
    ● Make your letter to the point. Not too long as you want it to be read, not skimmed over;
    ● Write about your experience with firearms;
    ● Point out how in our country people should be able to talk to the Government and have
    their views heard, Government should care about what you feel and allow your voice to be
    ● Make yourself a person by talking about your background;
    ● Write about “confiscation” – not a buy back as that’s not what it is; there are no details
    around buy back.
    ● Keep your letters constructive and be direct in your views.
    ● Share this information widely!

    ● Say that you going to disobey the law;
    ● Use phrases like “from my cold dead hands” or similar;
    ● Express anger. While we understand that many of you feel this way, all it does is create the
    wrong impression.

    Addressing the letter:
    Once the Select Committee process is underway, there will be an address to send your submission
    to. We do not have that address yet, so leave the addressee part blank for now. We will advise you
    when it is published by Government.

    Starting the letter:
    Start off by saying a little about yourself, your family, and your involvement in the community.
    “My name is John Doe. I am 44 years old. I work as a self-employed plumber. I am married with two
    girls aged 12 and 13. My wife is a midwife. I am a member of the board of trustees for my local
    school. I was in the territorial army for 8 years in my 20’s”.
    The idea of this is to overcome the highly negative impression that shooters now have due to some
    media portrayals. You are valuable members of New Zealand society. We are a diverse community
    and now is the time to share that diverseness with Government as it has been ignored as irrelevant.
    Your Experience with Shooting:
    It’s important that the reader understands that you know what you are talking about, that you are

    “I have been shooting for a very long time and got my licence when I was 16. I used to do a lot of
    hunting but haven’t as much lately due to my growing family. I recently began to take steps to get
    my pistol licence. My family and I enjoy shooting on a friend’s farm in the summer and the little kids
    loved shooting my friends AR15. I think I am a typical kiwi shooter”.

    “I just started shooting last year, I have been learning to hunt to help sustain my family with lean and
    unprocessed meat. I enjoy the outdoors, the exercise and fresh air….”

    Summarise why you want more time to make submissions:
    By putting in what you want early in your letter, the reader will understand your reasons pretty early
    in the letter.
    “I really want some time to think about what you want to do with firearms reforms. I don’t think it’s
    fair that I am not able to think about the changes and be allowed the time to tell you why I don’t
    think it is fair. You are confiscating my property from me and I am not being given a chance to have
    any say about it. I do not like the way I am being treated. I have not done anything wrong. I am law
    abiding. I think if we have more time, we would be able to save a lot of money as people may have
    some good ideas”.

    Now go into a bit more detail as to what you think:
    Now you expand a little about why you think we need some more time.
    “Once we know what the changes are, I would like to read them and talk about them with my family
    and friends and community. Some of the ideas may not make the community safer. There are lots of
    people out there with really good ideas who know a great deal about guns who I am sure could help
    you. I’d really like to have a chance to go over what you want. I think if we work together we can
    save money and lives.”

    Conclude your letter:
    Finish your letter with something polite and its really important you tell them you want to speak to
    your letter.
    “Thank you very much for reading this. I wish to speak to my submission in a Select Committee


    Once the new Bill is available, we will provide our thoughts on it with you and give you further
    advice. Remember that Bill is due 2nd April 2019 and Government want it law by 11 April 2019. We
    are concerned because we do not believe that nine days is enough time for constructive and true
    consultation in a free and democratic country like New Zealand. You should be given a chance to air
    your views and Government should allow you the chance to deliver them.

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    How long should submissions be?
    It's very easy to keep writing, even while staying on topic and to the point.

    Should we try limit it to a single A4 page? or shorter? or longer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beetroot View Post
    How long should submissions be?
    It's very easy to keep writing, even while staying on topic and to the point.

    Should we try limit it to a single A4 page? or shorter? or longer?
    Keep it succinct to the facts, and provide reasonable solutions. Usually that means keeping the costs down or less man power required.
    You have to level the playing ground and speak their language, there is a knack to it.
    But most of all, be human and show your humanity.
    “he waka eke noa”



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