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  1. Is this Spanners?
  2. Tip of the day
  3. Neibours at war
  4. Another badge from the tough old buggers club
  5. Right, I'm off to watch the rugby.
  6. Would you travel to the nearest H&F to sell fur
  7. hunting aoteraroa
  8. 60% off thermals at postie plus
  9. Firearms safety
  10. What music are you listening to right now
  11. Vodafone Initiative
  12. Anyone in Christchurch CNC a wooden stock?
  13. H B Just Been Hit By Big Quake
  14. trademe
  15. Stupid Questions - Good Response
  16. A progressive story - Just add a couple of sentences and see where this goes
  17. am I deserving of symapthy?
  18. Whats your Fav You tube clip?
  19. Peta-names-sexiest-vegetarians
  21. Murchison or Motueka
  22. She's a cold day down South so how about a survey? Who uses a sleeping bag liner?
  23. NZ Herald newspaper article - Time bomb Pigs released in South Westland
  24. you sacked
  25. If you're business is guiding why would you post a vid like this?
  26. All Blacks
  27. Just when you think it cant get any sillier....
  28. Hammer time,The last nutter has a grain or two over max
  29. PTG web store down
  30. Blowing up barrels - Russia (video)
  31. Deer-farmers take action against poachers - what would you do in these circumstances?
  32. So how many old soldiers on this forum?
  33. What a good idea
  34. Napier Shooting
  35. A Bloody Stiff One
  36. Some pics from America.
  37. wake up calls in life who has had one
  38. Titanic Update
  39. A Sad day in the North....
  40. Recommended films
  41. Courier's & shipping firearms.
  42. Heartland TV
  43. A good reason why you should never buy the wife a stick mixer
  44. Online tax returns?
  45. Spanners does the US of A
  46. selling this
  47. good for nothing
  48. Do you know any carpet cleaners
  49. Yellowstone
  50. you recon he should pay?
  51. Votes Required.....
  52. Hunting in Te Reo, registrations of interest
  53. PayPal?
  54. Time to change careers
  55. I just thought we could all have a laugh
  56. Super moon
  57. Huntech Closed Down
  58. Telecom & Super City Wallys
  59. Anyone Traveling From South Island To Or Through Central North Island About 10/05/12
  60. how to age a deer?
  61. Email help
  62. Campfire humour: ALL JOKES IN THIS THREAD PLEASE
  63. How many hours in your working week?
  64. Something for a bit of a laugh
  65. Boat extraction.
  66. Bloody telemarketers
  67. Lest We Forget
  68. Anyone who knocks Nissan needs a damn good slapping...!!!
  69. Oh Deer
  70. You want me to post illegal stuff ?
  71. Sweet row boat.
  72. has the possibility of a good movie
  73. Anyone else get a note from reloaders Regarding Tikka T3 giveaway?
  74. So you want to ADD SOME DRAMA!
  75. Some people shouldn't be aloud to breed.
  76. Injury Stories While Up Hunting
  77. The salesman quote of the day
  78. If
  79. Anyone know anything about LPG bottle fittings?
  80. An RAF Pilot.........
  81. This is interesting for the E-Cat boys
  82. Memories of first large game animal you ever shot
  83. cold start of a Wright Cyclone 1800ph
  84. DIAL UP suicide - RNZAF Air show and Open day, Ohakea base - Photos
  85. Batman.....only in the States LOL
  86. Radio Sport, swearing included
  87. Cor blimey!!!!
  88. Manawatu Gorge Rocks
  89. RNZAF Air show and Open day, Ohakea base - 75th Anniversary (31st March)
  90. The night before the big drive to go hunting!
  91. Who got some Jamison Brass
  92. Is this a good idea !!!!!! or the beginning of something bigger......
  93. If you can'y find what you're after
  94. for the rugby fans without sky...
  95. Please don't stereo type Asian drivers
  96. Bacon Tree
  97. oh to be sure funny irish joke
  98. speights improved
  99. Fishing Trip this W/E
  100. I owe everyone here a big apology
  101. Suppresors you got love them....
  102. Found this .... it is hilarious...
  103. Vietnamcam
  104. Mark hunt!!
  105. Very cool
  106. The bucket list.
  107. Stolen landrover
  108. Toasties
  109. Totally unrelated
  110. Brownie points
  111. Choose your beach
  112. History Unearthed
  113. Swazi Beenies with the Forum logo
  114. NZ Customs clearance
  115. PETA rally goes wrong
  116. feel like a big bully
  117. Southern Fieldays 15th to 17th Feb
  118. Live in Farm Position required
  119. Wheres Tussock
  120. What it's like when I go hunting
  121. February thread comp WINNER
  122. Once in a lifetime
  123. Chinook V Marguee
  124. Ha ha
  125. Blatant Request for help!
  126. Help Required
  127. Movies, whats hot & whats not !
  128. Is this right?
  129. White shit
  130. Just to clarify
  131. Why raincoats are yellow
  132. Is Greendog on holiday in Queenstown?
  133. Crack up
  134. My News Year Eve
  135. RIP Mum (Sandy Evans)
  136. The February best thread comp
  137. FOR SALE IS FREE(For a month) ??
  138. Interesting meat packaging
  139. 2 wheels is all you need
  140. my sister
  141. travelling with cookers
  142. Now This Is Recoil....
  143. Police try to shoot Cow
  144. Rod&Rifle Magazine Articles and Collections
  145. When pranks go wrong....
  146. Jesus H
  147. Wtf
  148. shit stirrir
  149. What to do in Queenstown?
  150. You know you're a northerner when... (for you it'd be southerner)
  151. Handy Website
  152. Scored me-self a bargim today
  153. Your SHTF gun sucks and you picked wrong caliber too
  154. Does anyone know exactly how fast 'Uber fast' is??
  155. Rainfall
  156. What a dick!
  157. Firearm deaths in USA
  158. Reload your Avatar to make it full size
  159. Low Powered Rifles
  160. Coloured Names
  161. Sydney, here I come. What to buy?
  162. I am aggreived...
  163. We need your pics!
  164. Go the sad sacks
  165. The Great Xmas Cook Off 2011
  166. Stuck in Wellington
  167. great ad
  168. Chris Gayle
  169. Not again
  170. Merry Christmas all
  171. Redirected to Wellie on way to Chch- now stuck here 'indefinately'
  172. Forum southern locals on Hunting Aotearoa tonight
  173. Don't f**k with the fat kid
  174. Craftys Rods and Guns For sale
  175. Man shot and killed while hunting with friends in Maungawera Valley
  176. Thought for the day
  177. RIP Jason Richards
  178. Get well soon Rabbiter
  179. Test your smarts !
  180. Getting older
  181. foo fighters
  182. Foo fighters
  183. New PC help
  184. Caption contest time
  185. Merry Christmas from Crzyman
  186. New Party
  187. Happy Birthday Tone
  188. What's everyone do for a crust??
  189. Why you shouldn't swallow chewing gum
  190. The Black caps are on fire
  191. Where the hell is Greendog243 stories??
  192. Heli Hunting Banned
  193. Jorian Ponomareff
  194. Those were the days
  195. Things you do when your a poor student
  196. Merry Christmas
  197. Happy Birthday Josh
  198. Farken weather
  199. Fight for life
  200. Not a good day to be in a Tank