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  1. Another anti-Kiwi own goal by the Coalition of Liars and Incompetents
  2. Website streaming war documentaries
  3. Bucket list
  4. Might Have Left Their Run A Bit Late....
  5. DOC kill Kea
  6. WAY Off topic...... Repair to an 1800's sword blade tip.
  7. oh the irony
  8. 6 helicopters in Fiordland.
  9. Have I been bad today?
  10. Nz jetsprints
  11. 25% Drop in Crude OIl Price
  12. Warning / Reminder
  13. the Panic buying thread......
  14. Re newing fal
  15. Moose seen in Fiordland on the weekend
  16. Not sure if this should be in truths or Campfire......Thunberg expose
  17. Chainsaw carbutetor tuning
  18. Tool Thread!
  19. Free speech: Thank you to the forum
  20. e-bike hub motors and control systems advice needed for project
  21. When Plan A fails. Improvising plan B in a National Crisis.
  22. Gun story on Seven Sharp tonight
  23. Getting something picked up in Oamaru and brought south
  24. It’s double whammy time fellas
  25. What did you buy recently?
  26. More woes for the finest, most upstanding and trustworthy bunch in the country
  27. Dads Army P14 sights
  28. Speeding, its nt dangerous if you know the road
  29. NZAHAA Haseltine raffle
  30. Investments.
  31. Would you buy a 3.0l diesel Prado with 370k km?
  32. Gold
  33. An open (Unofficial ) letter to you if you've just joined....
  34. Sky dish/aerial set up for freeview
  35. Skin check / Mole map reminder
  36. Oh the parallels
  37. Planning a visit
  38. For the Love of things or othe
  39. Waikato Hospital
  40. Accomodation Greymouth/ Haupiri area
  41. sheeeit
  42. LAST MINUTE. Anyone know any young hunters that are keen to get out this weekend. Chc
  43. 18V tools
  44. 303 ammo
  45. Question
  46. Import permit required¿
  47. Shooting the German Trainer Rifle .22rf
  48. Any body eagerly awaiting goodies from China ?
  49. What Chest Freezer?
  50. Coronavirus Antidote
  51. Help required re siphoning
  52. active admins?
  53. Rifle storage
  54. Transport Needed Whangarei to BOP for Kids MX Bike
  55. Otorohanga Gunshow This Month?
  56. A wee smile in yesterday’s 37 deg heat
  57. What Happened to the NZ Society of Gunsmiths?
  58. Need A New Snap Clip For Pack Harness
  59. Super Rugby
  60. Trade Me success fees
  61. Nelson Dog owners beware the Council is attempting to change the Bylaws
  62. Ham radio stuff
  63. Stolen gun safe
  64. $400,000 for a fugly
  65. Hunters wonder why land owners them to F... off.
  66. Anyone ever replaced Li-ion batteries in GME UHF radio battery pack (BP024)?
  67. Spartan Javelin Mkll Long
  68. release agent for bedding
  69. NZ Listener March 30 - April 5 2019...what a load of crap
  70. No shit Sherlock
  71. Hate to have to buy ammo here
  72. Police rebranding?
  73. How to find auction prices realised
  74. Any auto sparkies/ ECU guys here?
  75. Things people have no doubt said before needing an ambulance.
  76. Climate Change - prepare today, live well tomorrow
  77. Helicopter Crash on Taharua Road
  78. Looking for next target to raid...
  79. I wonder where and what
  80. Things to be grateful for ?
  81. Opinions and experience please: Cut Off Saw
  82. 3 Pieces of advice you'd like to leave for the next few generations
  83. The place I would love to eat at.
  84. TEOTWAWKI - The End of The World As We Know It (Doomsday Clock)
  85. Off grid power
  86. I got this ww2 australian army wool overcoat wondering how much its worth
  87. Super rugby team ...choose your team post it here ..your road to glory
  88. Data, as much as you can eat... (Firearm Statistics)
  89. Anyone know how to contact gunworks
  90. Air Brushing
  91. We are the problem - The thoughts of this old man.
  92. R I P Tom Mac Donald Q C M
  93. and this from stuffed news
  94. blackcaps ''yea santners the problem''
  95. Smoke at your place
  96. Borer
  97. New laptop for school
  98. WARNING Australian Customs Seizure
  99. Successful day down here
  100. The Circuit
  101. Cant help themselves(as usual)
  102. Advice on a south island trip
  103. Bird roofies
  104. More power to his right arm
  105. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members
  106. Wanting to know
  107. F*%&$ng Chinese mail order outfits!
  108. Banwell Books- GDH of NZ 1,2,3
  109. Mail order form S43a
  110. Angry and Shaken
  111. Mr Darkie trying to give away millions
  112. 2019 in the Rearview Mirror
  113. Never thought I'd find a better. but...
  114. RIP DR Peter Snell
  115. Buying Gold
  116. Transport for a mower from Blenheim
  117. Firearms and New Zealand: Where to from here?
  118. Hail dent repairs
  119. White Is - What?? Media and rescue services - NOT
  120. White Island Enquiry??
  121. White Island eruption!
  122. Pre-Christmas Warning about parcels
  123. This sort of thing has got to stop.
  124. Large Topo Map?
  125. Safe move BOP
  126. Want To Own A Piece Of NZ History?
  127. G mail question
  128. Is this why Cahill does not want resources for body cameras?
  129. Brace Yourselves Wellington
  130. who is making Gin ?
  131. White Rain
  132. removing solder from barrel
  133. Damn near need new undies
  134. Hunt for the wilderpeople
  135. Ammo ID
  136. H&F comments?
  137. Brightwater Gun Shop
  138. Who is going to the Auckland Protest today?
  139. Does anyone here go metal detecting in or around Chch
  140. Holiday
  141. PM Apologises for Erebus Wrongs - 40 years later
  142. North Shore Favour required
  143. North Shore Favour required
  144. Whakatane
  145. Hydraulic splitter
  146. only one shot fired??
  147. test alarm wtf
  148. Rushy
  149. You have got to be shittin me you bloody snowflakes.
  150. Help identifying a visitor
  151. Electioneering Already ?
  152. Some advice
  153. Benjamin Franklin
  154. Anyone here running a Miller CV welder, and using a suitcase wirefeeder?
  155. I’m baaackk!
  156. aw shit
  157. Contact details for 257 Weatherby
  158. This site has been unavailable to me all day today, Monday.
  159. firearms dealer network-what do they charge for tpt
  160. Transport available South Island
  161. 33% extra.
  162. tpt for firearm
  163. Police training
  164. Carbon trading emissions scheme.
  165. Show us what your "Jacindybux" and "Nash Coins " brought ya
  166. End of and era - Freedom camping banned at Lake Waikaremoana
  167. Dirty Water
  168. South/East Auckland storage favour
  169. White silence..a six part podcast series
  170. How to refinish a 10-22 barrel
  171. Sandown Raceway what a POS
  172. Car trailer transport
  173. Cheaper side by side for lifestyle farm
  174. when you have a dumb moment
  175. Go the black caps
  176. New York Marathon
  177. Hunting blogs
  178. Shipping from China.
  179. Anyone Get A Reply From Furleys?
  180. push bike/mountain bike parts
  181. Anyone do chch-akl?
  182. Anyone Travelling Rotorua to Taranaki or Rotorua to Palmy North?
  183. Anyone near Wanaka
  184. I dont have any words for this.
  185. 18 Days in a Kayak
  186. Throwout Thankyou to Robert @ workshopinnovation.co.nz
  187. It makes sense...
  188. Replace car radio or fiddle with it
  189. Going home
  190. new tax rule
  191. Wanted: Hermit
  192. Gold Coast 600
  193. Led lightbars
  194. For the Animal Lovers and Philanthropists
  195. Let's hope we don't get invaded by sea either...
  196. Looking for a place to rent (one/two bedroom) - Wellington
  197. how to post photos
  198. Chickens on Rampage
  199. sharesies
  200. Welcome to the world of the Gold Card Kotuku
  201. hunter dies in hawkes bay
  202. Palmy Nth catch up Friday night 18th Oct
  203. Wow - Clarke Gaybo appears in a classy production
  204. CHCH Avsec
  205. Car Parking Day Dunedin Airport
  206. Christchurch Airport Car Park
  207. Macgyver vs Magnum PI
  208. Auckland Blade Show
  209. We need your IRD number and RWT rate
  210. Movements for transporting stuff!
  211. Cindy for Nobel laureate?
  212. Problem logging on etc and getting withdrawl symptoms!
  213. Carvells auction
  214. Transport from Tga to Gissy, water pump...
  215. Posted without comment...
  216. Doing what you love?
  217. Meanwhile
  218. Format changed??
  219. tpt for rifle/bits from wellington to chch
  220. Anyone traveling north end Oct
  221. FACK! HELP!
  222. Resetting electronic safe lock.
  223. Facebook
  224. Auckland Voters - You might be interested in this.
  225. Leather working tools
  226. motorbike batteries in chch
  227. Hahaha, we said it would happen didn't we!
  228. Water pump problem solving quiz
  229. Gun talk back
  230. My experience with Leupold warranty
  231. Scammers at it again
  232. Logo design
  233. what are the remotest regions of NZ
  234. entrance... rocks or no rocks?
  235. Radicalisation of youth to the climate change cause
  236. How to report a profile? Scam
  237. So far 2 months no hunting due to stuff shoulder
  238. Kicking arse in ya 40's lol
  239. Brodifacoum, pigs and food safety
  240. Outdoor Supplies
  241. Man shoots drone out of sky and gets away with it
  242. Hold on to your Kriss Defiance DMK .22LR
  243. Freight of rifle Auckland to Dunedin
  244. Anybody heading up sika show from S.I
  245. Fence/sliding gate BOP
  246. Police Approved Gunsmith List Out Now
  247. Girls names.....
  248. What lead you to become a hunter?
  249. Rugby world cup
  250. Pot Kettle Black ?