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  1. E Cat licence
  2. Hatchet jobs
  3. what would they do
  4. What happen now might be just a start~
  5. 310 Christians die - nothing in our media (generally) but lots of chch ?
  6. What about his license??
  7. You think we have it bad?
  8. Police reaction to firearms law changes
  9. weirder by the day
  10. Entering NZ with firearm accessories?
  11. Firearm Insurance: check you're covered.
  12. When they say hundreds handed in.... they mean only 3.6 hundreds
  13. Freight network outside of clothing and fishing
  14. What political options are there for NZ?
  15. Sympathy from an American
  16. Will Jacinda and CHCH drop off world media now ?
  17. No multiple orgasms at the top
  18. A possible way to fight back
  19. Which one is it Stuff.
  20. Dealers to assist with confiscation........maybe.
  21. Stuff - "A version of the Christchurch mosque shooter's gun remains legal..."
  22. Importing scope mounts
  23. Another firearm crime in Whangarei
  24. Another fuck trademe gripe!
  25. Forgive me if this has already been addressed... Straight-pull
  26. winchester pump
  27. who has filled in the online police form?
  28. Frk Trademe for passing my info to the Police
  29. Repurpose buy back funds
  30. Filled out form and requested Collector consideration
  31. Here's the bind
  32. Tube mags can be modified to be compliant
  33. New Firearms Legislation Simplified
  34. Got this email... It would seem no A-Cat buyback
  35. Email from COLFO.....we are doomed..
  36. Give that man a beer
  37. E cat
  38. AR 15s as 22LR caliber only, are these banned?
  39. Will wonders never cease?
  40. Australian buy back works wonders.
  41. Flagged for having fire arms licence
  42. No contact at all about new laws
  43. Rumour
  44. did i wake up in an alternate universe?
  45. Tahr cull and WARO suspended
  46. Would this still be a legal rifle
  47. No wonder Treasury can't draft gun-law and estimate gun-theft costs...
  48. The next round of amendments due for June
  49. Loop Hole Closed - cannot sell prohibited firearms overseas
  50. New offences and enforcement
  51. Docking tube magazines
  52. Kali-Key and converting semi auto to bolt action
  53. Banned Ammunition
  54. WOW! Golden AK47
  55. Data Security
  56. Come to our home to collect firearms in broad daylight is disastrous to us
  57. Looks like they are coming for our pistol too...
  58. So what exactly is this new law?
  59. The Alinsky Rules - We need to use 'em
  60. What is a SOP - Chris Bishop SOP 203 - Suggestion for exemption for sport shooters ?
  61. I' struggling with one thing
  62. Shortened rifles
  63. The consequences of rushed legislation
  64. Sport Shooting Has Got an Exemption?
  65. Updated Police website
  66. Ranges Closed to Police?
  67. This should unite all gun owners
  68. Oh come on.... it has to be related.
  69. Police already invading homes
  70. Is your local police ststion open?
  71. Republic of Whangamomona's firearm laws
  72. Another blow to the shooting community
  73. Buy back update (parts and mags included)
  74. Colfo message- Bogus, or is my laptop being paranoid?
  75. nash
  76. Video: The SHOWDOWN in NZ MSM/CNN DOESN'T Want You to see
  77. Fed. Farmers Up in Arms
  78. Photos of banned guns
  79. I vow to...
  80. Labour to face enquiry following big gaff.
  81. Jacinda Ardern should step down & take responsibility for enabling the massacre
  82. The Kiwi party?
  83. Select committee summation
  84. Jacinda Ardern calls for global approach to block harm on digital platforms
  85. Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill - F&E Report Online
  86. Another transgressor nabbed
  87. Where to buy a "quick-un-pick"
  88. and they think they have a problem now ..... just wait for 12 mo ?!
  89. Gun lobby: With friends like this who needs enemies?
  90. Gun lobby: With friends like this who needs enemies?
  91. Be careful to get ALL of the details of social media posts.
  92. NZ police
  93. Some More Comments by Chris Cahill to get you Frothing at the Mouth
  94. The cancer spreads
  95. Some enlightening reading
  96. Golriz Ghahraman on firearm law change
  97. reply from gunlawchange site
  98. Bumpstocks in the states
  99. The science of government
  100. No money for parts and accessories?
  101. Couriers - any that will still accept & send empty brass
  102. bolt action qs
  103. Stuff is going too far...
  104. The Waitangi Treaty, Taonga, and Gun Confiscations.
  105. The Man in the Street and other Peoples Views
  106. Buying a new pistol.....
  107. Our PM is just so lovely
  108. Here's a proposal.
  109. Antique .22's banned..... seriously???????
  110. Positive steps
  111. Another first - well I never thought I'd...
  112. What is Cahill smoking this time?
  113. Are collectors about to be shafted
  114. RIP Democracy
  115. Mossberg 500 pump action Shotgun
  116. Select Commitee hearing today.
  117. Oral presentation
  118. 2nd Amendment briefing paper
  119. Oral submissions
  120. Here is a quiz for you...
  121. WHY would a Sporting goods store make this statement
  122. Are we partly responsible for our fate?
  123. Where would Mossberg MVP & the Ruger Ranch Gen 2 stand?
  124. Freestanding Pistol Grip and buffer tube on bolt action rifle also banned?
  125. Written submissions close at 6pm today 3rd April
  126. How dumb are they?
  128. Response to my letter from PMs office - could be in Campfire.....
  129. Regulatory impact assessment.
  130. New firearms bill, clarification re semi shotgun mags
  131. My submission on the new laws
  132. Police submission to the new Arms Legislation
  133. Thinking Outside The Box
  134. NZ Post rang me today
  135. Where are we at with airguns in all of this?
  136. Help for fellow shooters...
  137. No Couriers willing to carrying powder ???
  138. URGENT : petition and submissions for firearms legislation
  139. Positive feedback from arms officer
  140. At least one party is voting against it
  141. Suppressor ban
  142. Government disclosure regarding the law changes
  143. Valuations
  144. Pistol magazines?
  145. Well.. seems to be be all semi centre fires gone...
  146. For the team
  147. Today's press release from Nash
  148. Handguns are not affected
  149. Already failed
  150. Important information regarding submissions
  151. The Payout
  152. Things to consider
  153. the million dollar question
  154. Gangs keeping their guns.
  155. Davey Tipple
  156. Submitted the hand in form
  157. 'Haunted' John Banks says semi-automatic weapons should have been banned in 1990
  158. Confiscation
  159. Letter from Parliament re upcoming ban.
  160. The Replacements
  161. Are pistols included in any of this?
  162. New section
  163. Police firearm changes FAQ update
  164. WHY
  165. Resist the Hysteria.
  166. Fastway (Castaway Couriers)
  167. Chat to you local MP
  168. Police showing up at work
  169. Colfo online petition
  170. Armed Cop in your range
  171. Article: Consultation will make Kiwi gun ban better than ours
  172. COLFO Survey: Please participate
  173. Sentencing for firearms crime
  174. What to do with ACOG now??
  175. The law change in a nutshell
  176. Just where will the $100 to $500 million come from?
  177. Sites being blocked?
  178. Customs holding all firearms & firearm parts
  179. Can we organise a final shoot???
  180. Police forced to shut down 'Gun confiscation website'
  181. Police info not quite right?
  182. Is it true the petition for a longer decision pg the gun law period has been removed?
  183. What a phone call to the Police 0800 number will get you-
  184. Shooters manifesto banned
  185. Petition Removed/deleted
  186. Building a war chest
  187. Clean submission/petition list
  188. Recent random spot inspections
  189. Repurposing Stuff from Firearms you turn in.
  190. More Imprtantly
  191. What's going on
  192. Have your say.....
  193. Exactly what ia banned
  194. C cat effectively gone too?
  195. Guys - Can We All Calm Down On The Changes To The Law
  196. New mentioned laws means no chassis rifles?
  197. MSSAs banned
  198. Abject Failure of Firearms License Screening - What Happened, or did not happen?
  199. This terrible if true - Joe Green on the shooters vetting process
  200. So, who has written to their MP?
  201. Shipping firearms
  202. Knee jurk reaction
  203. one for the law abiding
  204. Gun stores to never ever buy from again
  205. Mail order sales form
  206. By Order in Council
  207. "justice minister"?
  208. Radio Live - this morning
  209. Aus buyback - any firsthand experience ?
  210. Questions for our Aussie Members
  211. Gun City owner quiet over controversial billboard outside Christchurch store
  212. My proposal for gun law change
  213. In the wake of ChCh - How we can help
  215. IF THE DAY COMES...
  216. FREEDOM : - 1 of 6 Good Things
  217. Gun laws about to change....
  218. CHCH Shooting - Please read
  219. Nicholas Taylor interview on Radio NZ "Are changes to firearms vetting 'unlawful'?
  220. Police Firearms changes
  221. Clarification question on firearms law and policy