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Thread: .17HMR Set up for rabbit culling.

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    Shootin the breeze.... Survy's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    I’ve got a Marlin 917VR Heavy barrel, use the Hornady .17grVMAX without any issues, get them bulk at Reloaders.
    Only used the 20gr solids on goats.
    Installed a 4-16x42 scope last year and haven’t even sighted it in, too busy.

    IMO, if your gonna go thermal, you might as well stick with a .22LR suppressed and spot light them.
    I also wouldn’t suppress my HMR, it deserves to breath and bark.
    Grouchy Smurf had it right all along...

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    Not even Banned ow dannyb's Avatar
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    May 2018
    Oxford, North Canterbury
    One piece of advice, shorten the barrel if your going to shoot out of a vehicle, mine was a pita getting in and out of the truck with a full length barrel and suppressor.
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    Aug 2016
    This mate in 16" barrel chuck a dpt suppressor on it job done.

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    Member Kiwi-Hunter's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    I like the 17hmr as well for the shooting I am doing.
    CZ are good out of the box, I am a fan of them and I was going to go that way.
    ! But had a few things to consider for myself.
    2..length of barrel.
    3...Mag options.
    4....Synthetic or wooden stock.
    5.Action! Semi or bolt. These are my first considerations.
    Quite a few rifles meet these points.
    Weight is the biggest factor for myself and this is reduced by barrel and stock mostly.
    The barrel! some like bull barrels, well to heavy for me and I found the thin profile 16" barrel doesn't flex just like a heavy barrel.
    If you are using some type of night vision, you won't want to be lifting a heavy rifle to your eye every couple of minutes.
    The stock I went synthetic with a plus! an extra 10 shot mag in the butt plate.
    I wanted a semi, but reviews and the guns that got returned because of a problem, slowed that idea at the time.
    So went bolt, T bolt and lefty for a right handed shooter after a suggestion from Greyhud and then playing off my shooting sticks in the shop, seemed to work well for me with my right staying in position to take another shot if needed.
    This is my journey into the 17hmr.
    Browning T Bolt came with two 10 shot mags and a great design they are as well, mags easy to load and unload.
    I think it's one of the lightest rifles I have, one thing that didn't sit with me was the trigger! it's set with no adjustment! But like anything you adapt and it's no longer a concern.
    Those 20gr Mr Browning uses I haven't tried, I will at some point.
    But I started with the hornady 17gr and after all it's a 17hmr and they do blow up well! I haven't seen a ricochet yet either.
    I have shot hares, possum, geese but it's mainly a rabbit rifle. A couple mentioned on the list are marginal! but you take the shot with what's in the hand at the time.I would say most who use the 17hmr like it for the reason they brought it.! Me :A light weight flat rabbit shooter with a explosive round that dumps it's energy in the game.

    Deadidick, As for thermal on a 17hmr nice to be able to spend that much, I have experienced one problem with thermal depth of field.
    On any night shooting you have to be able to identify the target and firing zone correctly, that there is no grass, bush's, sticks in the way of the shot.
    From personal experience my mate said one night there's a possum in the tree, I took a look through the thermal and yes could see it plain as day, I then went to my night vision and all I could see was trees and branches, the possum after a considerable looking was three trees in and in high density cover.
    Point is no rifle could of made that shot, the targets firing zone wasn't correctly identified by the thermal, personally for rabbits if not in open countryside night vision is better for identification and the thermal for spotting would be my suggestion.
    The 17hmr needs a clear line of sight,no grass brush etc,the only way to see this is a good light or night vision.
    Last edited by Kiwi-Hunter; 11-02-2021 at 11:19 PM.
    The Voice of Reason, Come let us Reason together...

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    May 2015
    Kapiti Coast
    It would be interesting to see how you go with a thermal scope on the .22 before you drop any coin on new rifles. I'm using a NV scope and suppressed .22, and have lots of shots on rabbits only a few meters apart from each other, without the others even looking up from what they are doing.
    If a rabbit is more than 50m away, I just walk closer - the joy of working in the dark.
    Ricochet management is always a challenge with a 22, but I have found the CCI segmented subs do a good gob of mitigating this. Shame they cost so much!

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    Jan 2021
    I have a CZ455, beauty of it is I picked up the 3 barrel combo, so one gun 3 calibers .22LR, .22WMR, .17HMR

    I tend to run the .17HMR the most, from the bench in zero wind I'll get thumbnail sized groups at 100m, its a fantastically accurate gun, and the 17gn CCI A17 rounds run great,
    Shot over a chronograph last week, 16 shots average Velocity was 2683 FPS,
    But that said cost of the .17HMR Rounds can be up around 65-70 cent per round compared to a 22lr its a lot more expensive to run.
    But in bulk cheep .223 isn't much more expensive than your .17hmr rounds, but far less issues with wind.
    If your hunting rabbits for pest control and not worried about mincing the meat, I'd skip past the .17 and jump up to a .223.

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    Sep 2018
    I use a Savage thumbhole stock bull barreled 17 with a Pulsar XP500 Trail thermal as one of my work rifles.
    Employer had bought it from a smooth operator at H&F but it was too long, too heavy and way too imbalanced for either the truck or the tripod.
    Chopped it to 15.
    Originally wanted a flush magazine Ruger American. 10 shot, and, unlike the savage 5 shot, it doesn't catch on the window edge shooting left handed from the truck either.
    Grape vines are a bugger to shoot around. Lots of irrigation equipment and various other plant. Not to mention prized pets. The 17 is such a laser with a foam roll over the window edge.
    My arms are getting a great workout on the walk arounds. Walk 1 row, lift, sweep, repeat. Sometimes hundreds of times a night. Except when the procedure involves flicking the tri legs silently out and banging one over. Very effective with a Nitecore HC65 on red.
    If I could it would be as described above; Thermal handheld with IR sight and the Pard008 is one better than even 007 himself. Impressive and far more usable then thermal in Central Otago in daylight. Lots of rabbity rocks glaring at you.
    Got .204 set up with a 6 - 24 X attached and, come rabbit o'clock I snipe away at, so far, up to 343 metres. Find a high point that looks down as many rows as possible, with a safe backdrop, and glass or look for movement. Shooting bags on the bonnet or, for view, better still, the cab. Rabbits eyesight is pretty sharp, so just sit still downwind.
    I have a JW15 that Mudgripz did some lovely work on and that comes with me on days when theres nothing around to ricochet in to.
    Frankly, right now, the .17 and .204 get way more work and rabbits than the .22.
    A string of 13 straight hits a couple of days ago with the twenty. 50 odd out to the aforementioned 343. Best part of the day for me. Only one yesterday though, and 36 with the 17 in 4 hours.
    My favourite is, obviously the .204. The best is, also obviously, the 17. I love my .22 though. 14 inches of whispering death. I'm subsoniconsciously bound to it.



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