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Thread: Minimum pack contents

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    Jun 2022

    Minimum pack contents

    Hi everyone.
    Based on a minor fall I had and the recent posts by @57jl & @Rusky about their mishaps I've been thinking about the MINIMUN survival contents of my pack. What does everybody carry and how (backpack, belt bag etc) for various trips. If we keep this thread as just a "list & type of trip" I'm hoping this could become a useful resource as I have realized that my pack contents are lacking quite a few basics.

    For me on tramping trips (not hunting).
    In my day pack:
    Survival blanket
    PLB stored in an internal pocket inside the main pack with a pink ribbon hanging out to show the location of it in case I'm not the person that needs to set it off.
    Lighter & rubber tube
    Folding knife
    Cable ties for boot/pack repairs etc
    5m of Various 3-4mm cord
    First Aid kit:
    Folding scissors
    Pills- Painkillers & anti inflammatory (Tramadol & Voltaren)
    Super Glue
    Various sizes of dressing pads and band-aids
    Roll of 25mm gauze bandage
    Roll of 25mm elastic self adhesive tape

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    Jan 2022
    I carry all of that in my bino harness +

    Cut proof gloves
    Signalling mirror (came with PLB)
    New boot laces

    And still have room for my binos & rangefinder!

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    Member Rusky's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    Good post.

    The one thing I do need to add is a whistle to my pack.

    You guys have pretty much covered the contents of my emergency supplies. You don't need to perform surgery in the field, just stop red stuff coming out as best you can, and cover up any open fractures, and stay alive until SAR come and find you.

    Few months ago I had shoe laces snap on one boot while carrying a red hind. I had nylon cord that I use to hang meat up in the field. This was ok to use, a bitch to thread through boot eyes, but I've since got a spare pair of shoe laces. Makes you realize something so simple can stop you going anywhere in a hurry.
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    Member Ftx325's Avatar
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    Jul 2020
    in my bumbag , always on me whether hunting for a day or hunting/camping for a week ...

    plb , gps , emergency shelter , first aid kit , cable ties , dynema cordage + paracord , 6 spare rounds of whatever calibre I am taking , spare shoe laces (or paracord) , spare battery for gps . small knife , small torch , inner tube strips and lighter and a filter drinking straw.
    probably a few other bits and pieces also ....

    I generally don't take an Alan though ......
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    born to hunt - forced to work

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    Jun 2022
    Quote Originally Posted by Ftx325 View Post
    in my bumbag , always on me whether hunting for a day or hunting/camping for a week ...

    plb , gps , emergency shelter , first aid kit , cable ties , dynema cordage + paracord , 6 spare rounds of whatever calibre I am taking , spare shoe laces (or paracord) , spare battery for gps . small knife , small torch , inner tube strips and lighter and a filter drinking straw.
    probably a few other bits and pieces also ....

    I generally don't take an Alan though ......
    Maybe you should We like Nelson
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    May 2018
    Those survival blanket are good for F.A
    Asides from a lot of good stuff mentioned I would add insulation tape. Used it to patch my son up over the weekend when he cut his arm open and have used it for lots of patch ups over the years.
    The other thing worth considering is how would you go with what you have packed if spending an unexpected night on the hill? A big yellow or orange pack linner can be used for so many different applications including sleeping on top of to keep yourself dry or strung over head. Another thing that is light and easy to carry is a thin basic foam bit of mat. Only needs to be as long as your arse to shoulders. Will keep you warm if sleeping out and can be used to sit on while glassing.

    A good conversation to have. I am always running through the what if scenario in my head.

    Another thing that has got me out of the shit over the years is some form of salt. When the day turns into a way bigger mission than planned and you legs are cramping up. Beats licking your arm for the salty sweat every 20 steps - trust me I've been there hahaha
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    Member 7mm tragic's Avatar
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    Apr 2023
    North King Country
    I always have a muesli bar or two and a bag of salted nuts stashed away. Pays to swap them out every six months or so.
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    Feb 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by 7mm tragic View Post
    I always have a muesli bar or two and a bag of salted nuts stashed away. Pays to swap them out every six months or so.
    same and most things listed but I always carry those bandages that stick to their self my mate I use to go pig hunting put me on to those in saved his dog one day after being ripped up and had its guts hanging out everywhere he bandaged it up after pushing everything back inside then used one of those bandages to hold it all together and the dog walked out believe it or not to the truck then we took it to the vet to fix up.
    I had that in my bum bag and could have taped my broken leg to a branch/stick to stabilize my leg so I could move better without hurting myself so much as I did trying to move.
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    Member Happy Jack's Avatar
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    Jan 2020
    Survival blankets work 100% if you have a heat source a candle is enough. PLB is on my knife belt at all times as have known a couple of people lose a pack in a fall and not be able to get to their PLB.

    Ecoply tape from the builders merchant fantastic stuff sticks to just about anything, is fabric but semi watertight, great for tent rips, down jacket rips, tent poles etcand so much better that duct tape.

    I do tend to pack on the light side regarding emergency stuff, but generally have what I need.
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    Happy Jack.

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    Jan 2016
    Deerless North
    I have a survival bag which is similar to a blanket, not much bigger, but you can get in to it. I'd rather have it than not if stuck in the bush overnight.

    I've flip flopped over the years about what I carry. Even the bigger kit fits in a small belt pouch.
    - PLB

    - Opioid
    - Aspirin
    - Ibuprofen
    - Paracetamol
    - Dextrose tablets
    - Aquatabs (spare)

    - Celox
    - Gauze
    - Betadine
    - Elastoplast
    - Dermabond
    - Medical tape

    - Knife (spare)
    - Foil sleeping bag
    - Compass (spare)
    - Torch/battery (spare)
    - Matches/firelighter/tinder

    Smaller kit
    - PLB

    - Opioid
    - Aspirin
    - Ibuprofen
    - Paracetamol
    - Dextrose tablets
    - Aquatabs (spare)

    - Elastoplast
    - Dermabond

    - Torch/battery
    - Compass (spare)

    Just in case you were wondering, the aspirin is for heart attacks!
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    Member Chur Bay's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Head torch is the first thing I pack.
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    Member Micky Duck's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
    couple of bits of string,couple of pillow cases PLB ...USUALLY have a few antihistamines and some calming spray for the dog... first aid kits are a bit yeah nah for me..I will just make do with what Ive got on hand.
    knife is ALWAYS in pack sometimes I will have 3-4 with me..crazy I know but having nearly been caught out before.... two of us and one pocket knife...and another time cutting up deer with 3" svord peasant folder have learnt me better LOL.

    fleece beanie,fleece crawford and fleece gloves plus light nylon raincoat/bumfreezer.
    75/15/10 black powder matters

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    A shortish tall guy ROKTOY's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    All the above is good,
    I'll add in a spare torch and batteries. whittle and some tape, duck, insulation etc.
    Cable ties, can become bootlaces, pack repair tools, tourniquet, splint etc
    A lighter or waterproof matches and firelighters, I carry ones that are in small plastic bag so are waterproof. always have a bar or chocolate stashed somewhere, and a raro sachet.

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    Oct 2021
    Great thread! Already got some adjustments to make!

    Been slowly working on this, and still think I have a slight issue with just-in-case-itis, but below is for day trips from car or camp. Bush shirt worn or tied around waist. Would have a day pack if on tops.

    Bino harness:
    - binos
    - rangefinder
    - plb
    - radio (if out with others or I forget to take it off)
    - headtorch - USB rechargeable (18650 Ali-express special)
    - compass+A4/A5 laminated section of map
    - poo tickets
    - car key (if leaving from car)
    - flint stick/spark machine thing
    - bit of polystyrene dissolved in petrol (at the right mix it sets hard, lights easier than rubber, and burns like buggery)

    Belt kit (webbing belt and steel buckle that will hopefully not come off in a good tumble)
    - Pouch 1 (schnack pouch - enough for a day more than planned)
    - emergency jellybeans
    - OSM bites
    - meusli bars
    - Mini chocolate bars (currently on Whittaker's mini slabs)
    - homemade scroggin from bulk bins (nuts/dried fruit/choc)
    - pillow case meat bags
    - Pouch 2
    - Rain jacket
    - FAK
    - back-up head torch (usb rechargable)
    - powerbank + cables
    - lighter
    - poo tickets
    - hat/gloves
    - Pouch 3 (can take this off if with others or close to camp, but have been carrying it since it's got colder)
    - emergency bivi bag
    - homemade pikau
    - hat/gloves in dry bag (just realised I've doubled upon these)
    - icebreaker mid-layer in dry bag
    - Knife + steel

    - emerg foil blanket
    - zinc oxide tape
    - plasters/gauze/sterile dressings/crepe bandage
    - superglue
    - tweezers
    - ibuprofen + paracetamol
    - Levrix antihistamine
    - anti-squirts imodium
    - salt
    - 50+SPF lip stuff.

    Bino harness - 3.4kg
    Name:  PXL_20230411_040849368.jpg
Views: 470
Size:  1.61 MB
    (Phot doesn't show compass/map, fire starting stuff, poo tickets, phone)

    Belt kit 3.6kg
    Name:  PXL_20230411_040448022.jpg
Views: 483
Size:  1.78 MB
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    Dec 2012
    +1 for ecoply tape it looks like dull fabric tape and is great stuff

    Another trick for carrying plastic tape like electrician's tape but about 50mm wide, the sellotape brand one is good but whatever you use, wrap about 2m of it around your bic lighter, that way you have a 2 for 1 deal

    The other thing I carry that no-one else I know does is a few lengths of steelfixer's tie wire - you can buy it by the bundle at builders depots but it's easy to tie and retie without snapping
    The non-galv one doesn't snap as easy as the galv

    Dropped a pin out of a rifle sling mount in the Tararuas once and tie wire saved the day



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