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Thread: Rifle/ caliber opinions for bush and mountain

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    Nov 2014
    Christchuch New Zealand
    Quote Originally Posted by caberslash View Post
    Doubt there would be that much difference, as the sacrifices made to accommodate a longer case don't add up.

    All being equal (same action, barrel length and twist rate, bullet used), a few hundred fps more (being optimistic here) will not mean much in the grand scheme of things if the rifle actually has to be carried a great distance. Cramming more powder into a case (7x57 should be about 8-10 grains more H20 capacity) won't be worth it for a marginal increase in speed unless it's just a numbers game.

    The fact that 7x57 is a 'long action' cartridge, and the 7mm08 a 'short action' one, brings up the whole '6.5 CM vs. 6.5x55' debate, and unless you live in Scandinavia, the latter cartridge is not the better choice.

    Good reason why people are choosing to build 7mm SAUM's instead of 7mm Rem Mags now.
    Please take that back....6.5x55 is a great cartridge....Especially in the likes of Howa or Husqvarna (1600)
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    Intelligence has its limits, but it appears that Stupidity knows no bounds......

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    Quote Originally Posted by caberslash View Post

    Good reason why people are choosing to build 7mm SAUM's instead of 7mm Rem Mags now.
    ....except in a little backwater called New Zealand/Aotearoa....where people can buy factory 7mmRM off the shelf...no such luck with 7mmSAUM.
    While both will do the same job - poke holes in animals from a good distance.... if you are travelling between islands and want to buy ammo wherever you end up - you have no show of finding SAUM...
    Refer to an earlier post which succinctly pointed out how stupid threads in this vein are...

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    Dec 2019
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    Greetings All,
    I think that the OP had an answer in the first few replies so the following 70 or so are just an oppurtunity to have a little fun and perhaps get some new ideas along the way. People that own 6.5x55, 7x57 and 7mmSAUM rifles often do so because they want something different, interesting or whatever. Needing to handload to get decent ammo is an advantage rather than the opposite. Needing to purchase ammunition away from home is unneccesary as this is the last thing that we are likely to forget or run out of. For those of us who don't handload the 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08, 7MM Rem Mag and the .308 are great choices, perhaps some more than others. In deference to Micky Duck I should include the .270 in that list as well. Each of us makes choices based on likes at the time. Each choise is right for us although sometimes regretted later. At least we have choice.
    In the dim and distant past when I started cruising the gun shops choice was limited for new rifles with only around 6 commonly available cartridges. Sure there were others like the 7x61 S&H and .308 Norma Mag but these were seldom seen. A thread like this would have been over pretty quick. But there was no internet, no cell phones, GPS or range finders. It was a simpler time. Enjoy these threads but don't take them too seriously.
    Regards Grandpamac.

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    Oct 2014
    Stratford, Taranaki
    "Needing to purchase ammunition away from home is unneccesary as this is the last thing that we are likely to forget"

    I know someone who flew into a block, unpacked and realised the bolt was safe and sound at home.... Another (a pathological liar ) who arrived back to the car and told us he'd missed a couple of deer. Then we pointed to his bolt sitting on the back seat..... He never batted an eyelid, just kept up the bull shite...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micky Duck View Post
    .270 and suppress it...job done. yip there might be calibres that do it better....and faster...and with less noise,recoil,terminal mess.....but few that will do it with less fuss or bother.
    If I didnt own a .270 it would be either a .308 or a 30/06 for eggzachary the same reasons.
    pick your load for task at hand and you simply will not look back,take out the front wheels and animals will pile up and go nowhere..... job done.
    If you shoot for the front legs then a number of cartridges will do the job but if you are a meat hunter like me and go for the lungs then I would go 30/06 then 270 for the shock power. At the longer distances with anything slow your going to need a dog to find a lot of them. Just my opinion

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    Jan 2022
    I've been following a very worthwhile channel on youtube called "Backfire" where the guys do real world unsponsored reviews on rifles and cartridges plus loads of handy comparisons and I'm quite set on the 280ai for a mountain setup caliber as I still have reloading equipment but that'll be reserved for later. As pointed out by few members the ol 308 does tick alot of boxes for me but so does the 30 06 except for added recoil on lightweight setup. Having had a brno ZG47 in 30 06 the recoil was quite manageable but it was also a heavier rifle. Good thing was just the versatility as I loaded 220gr for close bush and 180grs for longer range work. Guess I may have to take the scientific approach and flip a coin on that. Thanks for everyone taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences, really enjoyed the feedback!
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