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Thread: Deleting profile to escape n get out of this place

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney View Post
    Ah ha... words like constitutional and priviledge creeping in now. I have a constitutional right to not have my freedom of choice imposed on by the state without rational reason and only justified, on balance my rights being infringed is a lessor harm that what will happen to others. That is the place we are at in the absence of a formalised constitutional documents, but in the reality that our current legislative framework creates. Not only that but the state does not bequeath priviledge, it is only capable of taking it away. My right to live breathe and make choices is not bestowed on by any govt.....

    Why do we persist in not understanding that?

    The fact that we don't have a constitutionally formalised recognition of our "infringed privileges" has no bearing on whether the current oppressive irrationality should be contested...

    You can feel as privileged as you want about the state not being as onerous as it could be, but I know and so does every history student that the onset of an aggressive state against individual freedoms is not thwarted by pretending its not happening.

    I have no objection to moderating idiocy, I think we have a responsibility to those not understanding that.... but no-one yet has provided a answer to my question??

    If this is not a suitable place for thrashing out issues that affect us as a community - where is?
    that last line is good this place should be a place where the community should be able to freely vent get stuff off their chest and unwind. Unfortunately it looks like a few here would rather you shut the fuk up hold it in until one day you cant any more blow up and possibly go and do something stupid with a firearm then it will be the same people whinging like fuk because it reflects on them to. Ive run out of nice ways to say it if you don't like the topic piss off and read one you do like if you don't like the particular poster piss off and go and interact with a member you do like if the thread isn't harming anyone piss off and leave them alone. If you still just cant help your self go hang with cindy and you can have each others backs and keep each other safe you can even help her draft the new hate speech laws as it will be right up your alley go clean face book up with her then bring her here and clean this place up she will probably even give you a little smiley stamp on the back of your hand or even better a red star. Flame away...

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    I have watched a couple of forums just die off.

    It's generally because they just run out of subject matter and there are not enough new members coming in.Also a few fuckwits entrench themselves believing that just because no body argues with them they are in the right.

    This,coupled with a "hidden forum" by invitation only where some of the former frequent posters or long term members hang out just means they don't engage on the forum anymore.

    At the end of the day,if I walked into a pub and decided I didn't like it.I would turn around and leave. I wouldn't write all the reasons I thought it was shit all over the walls ,then expect it to change.Likewise if I was a Publican who felt the mood was changing I would take steps to move it the way I wanted it.
    "Sixty percent of the time,it works every time"

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    I hunt, therefore I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northdude View Post
    up hold it in until one day you cant any more blow up and possibly go and do something stupid with a firearm .
    Anyone that unstable, or that takes the internet that seriously probably shouldn't have access to firearms.

    Apart from that, agree with your post.
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    Yes but as we know there are plenty of people that have access to firearms that shouldnt the horse has already bolted on that one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahr View Post
    You are wrong. An anti gun person who most would know by name actually quoted to me what was said on here and used his forum and real name. Also referred to other people by their forum name. They scan it regularly. Where my meat goes to - the coordinator looked me up by my real name and it was linked to a pic I posted here. He commented on a particular thread - saying they obviously all arenít like you.
    I hope that you told the 'anti gun person' that they are the worst type of scum that there is. Not because they are anti gun, but because they want to watch other people (spy) and report on others to the authorities. What do they hope to gain not uncover but 'gain' ? My Mrs grew up under East German commy rule. To gain advancement or privilege you had to be a member of the 'Party', if you wanted for example a better education for your kids then some part time spying and reporting on your neighbours to the Stasi would do it.
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    'Bother' said Pooh, as he chambered another round ... Wong Far King Way

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    Quote Originally Posted by northdude View Post
    Ok thar find out who i really am and put it here on the forum you have my permission to do that...use what i have posted on here not personal details i have provided to you a long time ago
    You got the wrong end of stick there.
    I said "others". know who individuals are on here. I haven't a clue how they know or how they do it.
    I don't give a toss who you are. Or anyone on here.

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    That last sentance would apply to the general population...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahr View Post
    It is comments like this (highlighted) that have killed the hunting reports and magazine section. That is a shame because for many that was the corner stone of the forum.
    Since the "event" the forum (to me) has been populated by (some) people who only seem to have a passing interest in hunting and shooting but a particular interest in expressing their political discontent and resentment in most nasty and personalised ways, and/or wish to explore the fringe ends of topics that have nothing to do with the forum's (former) core purpose. That "common interest and camaraderie" might suit some, but not me.
    100% im on a hunting forum because hunting interests me and I like looking at pictures of dead deer .
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